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Page updated June 19th, 2017
Burkina Faso and Zambia (ASIA) — Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States), Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Tuvalu, and Vanuatu (AUSTRALIA-OCEANIA)
Prince Edward Island

Algeria (6/13/15), Burkina Faso (6/13/17), Cape Verde (12/2/12), Comoros (4/26/11), Lesotho (9/2/12), Namibia (5/30/11), South Sudan (7/16/11), Sudan (2/15/13), and Zambia (6/18/17)

Miscellaneous: Algeria's Provinces (5/27/13), Drakensberg Mountains (3/22/12), Lesotho's Districts (6/17/13), Raas Xaafuun Peninsula (3/21/13), and Togo's Admin. Divisions (5/14/13)

Burkina Faso postZambia post

Bhutan (5/5/11), Brunei (8/17/16), Cambodia (7/22/12), Israel (1/12/13), Japan (5/7/11), Kyrgyzstan (8/10/11), Macau (8/29/15), Malaysia (10/7/11), Mongolia (8/12/15), Pakistan (1/22/12), The Philippines (9/18/13), Qatar (12/3/13), Saudi Arabia (1/22/12), Singapore (7/28/13), Tajikistan (1/31/17), and Yemen (9/28/14)

Miscellaneous: Bhutan's Districts (4/29/13), Japan's Peninsulas (7/17/15), Kyrgyzstan's Enclaves (8/4/11), and the Sea of Marmara (2/10/12)

Australia and Oceania
Australia (4/17/11), Fiji (9/27/13), Kiribati (10/24/16), Marshall Islands (6/18/17), Micronesia (6/18/17), Nauru (6/18/17), New Zealand (6/26/13), Palau (4/16/13), Papua New Guinea (6/18/17), Samoa (3/21/16), Solomon Islands (4/26/14), Tonga (6/18/17), Tuvalu (6/18/17), and Vanuatu (6/18/17)

Australia postKiribati postMarshall Island postFederated States of Micronesia postNauru postNew Zealand postPalau postPapua New Guinea postSolomon Islands postTonga postTuvalu postVanuatu post

Albania (12/8/13), Andorra (1/16/15), France (3/15/16), Germany (8/23/11), Ireland (9/10/11), Kosovo (1/2/17), Liechtenstein (10/24/16), Moldova (11/2/12), San Marino (8/25/16), Serbia (3/14/11), Slovenia (11/29/16), Spain (7/8/11), United Kingdom (5/22/11), and Vatican City (8/17/16)

Miscellaneous: Albania's Admin. Divisions (5/23/13), Andorra's Parishes (6/8/13), Austria's Districts (5/1/13), Poland's Population Density (4/29/13), Poland's Provinces (4/25/13), and Trajan's Walls - Moldova (10/1/12)

~ Maps of European Islands
These islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, and Mediterranean Sea, and other water bodies around Europe. European island countries (like Ireland) are listed above under Europe.

DENMARK: Faroe Islands (5/20/13)

FRANCE: Corsica (1/21/11)

GREECE: Crete (2/11/11), Cyclades (3/1/11), Dodecanese Islands (3/20/11), Ionian Islands (6/7/11), Northern Sporades (8/1/11), and Saronic Islands (7/19/11)

ITALY: Sardinia (1/21/11) and Sicily (2/26/11)

SPAIN: Balearic Islands (1/27/11) and Canary Islands (6/5/14)

UNITED KINGDOM: Channel Islands (2/12/12), Hebrides (12/17/12), Isle of Man (2/25/12), Orkney Islands (6/26/12), and Shetland Islands (5/24/12)

Indian Ocean Territories
These islands, which are possessions of other countries, are located in the Indian Ocean. Both of the islands listed, RĂ©union and Mayotte, belong to France.
Mayotte (7/29/12) and RĂ©union (10/14/11)

North America (with Caribbean Sea Countries)
Aruba (11/18/11), Prince Edward Island (4/2/13), Saint Lucia (4/13/11), Turks and Caicos Islands (1/5/12), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (11/30/11)

Miscellaneous: Grand Lake, Ohio - United States (7/6/2015)
Antigua & Barbuda Parishes (5/24/16), Bahamas Districts (6/13/16), Barbados Parishes (5/25/16), Cuba Provinces (6/28/16), Dominica Parishes (5/26/16), Dominican Republic Provinces (7/6/16), Grenada Parishes (5/27/16), Haiti Departments (7/8/16), St. Kitts & Nevis Parishes (6/2/16), St. Lucia Districts (6/2/16), St. Vincent & the Grenadines Parishes (6/3/16), Trinidad & Tobago Regions (6/6/16)

South America
Brazil (8/17/2016) and Colombia (7/25/2016)

Miscellaneous: Suriname's Border Disputes (1/9/13)

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