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Thanks for visiting the Islands page! Here, you'll find everything that I posted about islands: links to posts about island countries (which are also listed on the Countries page) and all sorts of islands. The Largest Islands section features tidbits about the seven largest islands in the world.
Each link on this page open in a new tab or window. Some entries are found in multiple categories. For example, Phuket in Thailand is found in the categories of Asian & Eurasian Islands and Indian Ocean.

Key for Links To Island Posts section
* Each sea and gulf shown in bold blue text with an asterisk in front is part of the larger water body it is tabbed under (Ionian Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea, for example)
With link
     » Bold — Island country (examples: United Kingdom)
     » Not bold — Island(s) (ex: Cyclades)
Bold without link » Mainland country (not solely an island country)

Links To Island Posts
Updated 2/5/2019
Tasmania and nearby islands
Island(s) Post Topic — one-page view of all posts labeled Island(s)

Caribbean Sea
Click to view all posts labeled with the Caribbean Sea tag.
Caribbean Countries — all island countries in the Caribbean Sea
Caribbean Post Topic — shows all posts labeled Caribbean Sea

Cabo VerdeCanary IslandsComorosGuinea-Bissau: its islandsMadagascarMalawi: "Exclave Islands" — MauritiusMozambique: Bazaruto ArchipelagoSao Tome & PrincipeSeychellesSierra Leone: Tiwai

Canada: Île René-Levasseur & Prince Edward Island
Ecuador: its islands | Galapagos Islands image (featured on Ecuador post)
United States of America: Grand Isle (Vermont)

Asia & Eurasia
China: Hong Kong (including Lantau Is.) & Macau | Cyprus
Indonesia: Seram (towns) & Yos Sudarso | Maldives: Ihavandhippolhu | Myanmar: Mergui Archipelago | The Philippines: its islands | Saudi Arabia: Kuria Muria Islands
South Korea: Jeju | Sri Lanka | Thailand: Phuket | Turkey: Marmara & Prince Islands
United Arab Emirates: Abu al Abyad | Vietnam: Ha Long Bay islands

Estonia: Saaremaa | Denmark: Faroe Islands | Iceland | Ireland
Norway: Vega Archipelago | Portugal: Madeira
United Kingdom: Channel Islands | The Hebrides | Isle of Man | Orkney Islands | Shetland Islands

Cyprus | France: Corsica | Italy: Sardinia & Sicily | Malta: its islands | Spain: Balearic Islands
Greece: Crete
     * ADRIATIC SEACroatia: Dalmatian Islands
     * AEGEAN SEAGreece: Cyclades | Dodecanese | Saronic Islands | Sporades
     * IONIAN SEAGreece: Ionian Islands

Atlantic Ocean
Canada: Prince Edward Island | Cabo Verde | Iceland | Ireland
Portugal: Madeira | Sao Tome & Principe | Spain: Canary Islands

Indian Ocean
Christmas Island | Comoros | France: Mayotte & Reunion | Indonesia | Madagascar
Maldives: Ihavandhippolhu | Mauritius | Seychelles | Sri Lanka

ANDAMAN SEAMyanmar: Mergui Archipelago | Thailand: Phuket

ARABIAN SEASaudi Arabia: Kuria Muria Islands

PERSIAN GULFUnited Arab Emirates: Abu al Abyad

Pacific Ocean
Australia: Tasmania and nearby islands | Ecuador: its islands | Galapagos Islands image (featured on Ecuador post)
Indonesia: Seram (towns) & Yos Sudarso | The Philippines: its islands

EAST CHINA SEASouth Korea: Jeju

SOUTH CHINA SEAChina: Hong Kong (including Lantau Island) & Macau
Vietnam: Ha Long Bay islands

Fed. States of Micronesia: Kosrae & Pohnpei | Fiji: its islands
Kiribati: TarawaMarshall IslandsMI's Atolls | Nauru | New Zealand | Palauits islands | Papua New Guinea: Admiralty IslandsSamoa: Apolima, Lepuia'i, Manono, and Nu'ulopa | Solomon IslandsShortland Islands | Tahiti | Tonga: Niuafo'ou
Tuvalu | Vanuatu | Wallis & Futuna
     * Oceania Post Topic ― a compilation of all posts labeled 'Oceania'

The Largest Islands
1. Greenland; 2. New Guinea; 3. Borneo; 4. Madagascar (not featured below - has its own post); 5. Baffin Island; 6. Sumatra; 7. Honshu

Baffin Island
- Size: 5th largest in the world; the largest island in CANADA
     - Over 507,000 miles in area
- Part of NUNAVUT, a province of northern Canada
- Body of Water: North Atlantic Ocean; Baffin Island is SW of Baffin Bay
Baffin Island
- Size: 3rd largest island in the world
- The Indonesian part of the island is known as Kalimantan
- The largest city is Kuching, located in western Borneo on the Malaysia side
- Size: Largest island in the world
     - 836,109 square miles in size
- Despite its name, Greenland is very icy and inhospitable in some parts
- Capital: Nuuk
     - Has a population of 15,000 and is the largest city in Greenland
- Size: 7th largest island in the world; the largest island in JAPAN
- Body of Water: southeast of Sea of Japan; west of North Pacific Ocean
- Notable Features on Honshū: This island boasts plenty of large cities, such as Tokyo (Japan's capital) and Kawasaki. Located in the center part of Honshū, Mount Fuji stands at 12,000 feet tall as a stratovolcano.
New Guinea
- Size: 2nd largest island in the world
     - Around 786,000 square miles in size
- Countries: divided among INDONESIA & PAPUA NEW GUINEA; located north of AUSTRALIA
- Body of Water: South Pacific Ocean
New Guinea
- Size: 6th largest island in the world; the largest island in INDONESIA that is entirely located only in Indonesia (Borneo & New Guinea are larger but part of other countries, too)
     - 470,000 square miles in size
- Location: western part of Indonesia; Southwest of MALAYSIA
Body of Water: east of Indian Ocean
- The largest city is Medan, which has a population larger than 2,100,000.


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