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Thursday, May 11, 2017

South Sudan Quiz

Map of South Sudan in central and eastern Africa — from National Geographic MapMaker Interactive

See if you can answer these quiz questions pertaining to SOUTH SUDAN without the help of literary resources and the Internet. Answers are provided at the end — good luck!

1)     True or false: Gaining independence in July 2007, South Sudan is the world's newest country.
A — True
B — False

2)     Which lake with one syllable in its name is connected to South Sudan's major river, the White Nile (a.k.a. Mountain Nile, Bahr el Jabal, or Bahr al-Gabal) river?
A — Lake No
B — Lake Yes
C — Lake Sail

3)     South Sudan's mineral and energy resources include chromium ore, copper, diamonds, gold, hydroelectric power, iron ore, limestone, mica, silver, and tungsten. What high-demand resource is often the topic of disputes between South Sudan and SUDAN?


4)      Which livestock animals are especially revered by the Dinka people in their dances and ceremonies — while also being vital for the people's nomadic-herding (pastoral) traditions? (There are hundreds of words dedicated to this animal in the Dinka language!)
A — sheep
B — cattle
C — goats
D — camels

5)      According to Ethnologue (↗), which language is critically endangered and almost extinct, with about 200 communicators living in the year 2017?
A — Dinka
B — Banda-Ndélé
C — Bari
D — Aja

Question 1:
B . . . . . False; South Sudan is indeed the latest country to gain its independence, but that occurred in July 2011 (not 2007).

Question 2:
A . . . . . Lake No

Question 3:
Petroleum or oil

Question 4:
B . . . . . cattle

Question 5:
D . . . . . Aja

So, how did you do? Thanks for taking this quiz! The map image above is credited to National Geographic's Mapmaker Interactive (↗).

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