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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Slovakia Quiz

Map of Slovakia in Central Europe — from National Geographic MapMaker Interactive

See if you can answer these quiz questions pertaining to SLOVAKIA without the help of literary resources and the Internet. Answers are provided at the end — good luck!

1)      While most of Slovakia is located north and northeast of the Danube river, a section of land near Bratislava (the national capital) is separated from the rest of Slovakia. Nestled between AUSTRIA (west) and the Danube (east), which of the following communities is essentially isolated from the rest of its country?
A — Petržalka
B — Pezinok
C — Zohor

2)      Which mountain range does not cross through Slovakia but is found in northern ROMANIA and near southwestern Ukraine?
A — Carpathian
B — Oaș
C — Tatra (Tatry)

Flag of Slovakia3)      Established in the Constitution on September 1st, 1992 (Constitution Day) and first flown two days later, the Slovakian flag features a ___________________ cross.
A — latin
B — patriarchal
C — St. Andrew's (saltire)

4)      Nicknamed the "Painted Village," which of the following villages in northwestern Slovakia's Strážovské upland includes rows of black timber houses painted with ornate, lace-like lines made of chalky lime material?
A — Čičmany
B — Púchov
C — Rajec
D — Ďurďové

5)      Considered a national dish in Slovakia, Bryndzové halušky are miniature potato dumplings covered in creamy cheese made from ___________'s milk.
A — cow
B — goat
C — sheep

Question 1:
A . . . . . Petržalka

Question 2:
B . . . . . Oaș mountains

Question 3:
B . . . . . patriarchal

Question 4:
A . . . . . Čičmany

Question 5:
C . . . . . sheep

So, how did you do? Thanks for taking this quiz! The map image is credited to National Geographic's Mapmaker Interactive (↗). To test your knowledge about a neighboring country, attempt the Czech Republic quiz (↗)!

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