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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Syria Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for SYRIA in Western Asia and the Middle East lists 1 extinct species (Tristramella magdelainae cichlid fish), 19 critically endangered species, and 40 endangered species. These are some critically endangered species in the Syrian Arab Republic: Barada Spring Minnow fish, Damascus Bream fish, European Eel, Galilean Loach, Halap Loach, Leopard Barbel fish, Long-Spine Bream fish, MarqÄ«yah Spring Minnow fish, Northern Bald Ibis, and Sociable Plover bird. Endangered species include the Clear-Winged Demoiselle damselfly, Euphrates Softshell Turtle, Fin Whale, Golan Iris flower, Grant Duff's Iris flower, Jordan Barbel fish, Lebanon Viper snake, Levantine Nase fish, Nazareth Iris flower, Orontes Spined Loach, Persian Fallow Deer, Steppe Eagle, Syrian Demoiselle damselfly, and Syrian Spotted Bleak fish. Other species named after Syria include the Syrian Bluet damselfly, Syrian Calomyscus rodent, Syrian Clubtail dragonfly, Syrian Fir tree, Syrian Juniper tree, Syrian Serin bird, Syrian Sprite damselfly, and Syrian Woodpecker.

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