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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Switzerland Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for SWITZERLAND in Central Europe lists six extinct species, four critically endangered species, and sixteen endangered species. The following 4 species are critically endangered in Switzerland: Asper fish, European Eel, European Mink, and Starry Breck Lichen. Ampedus quadrisignatus beetles, Bombus inexspectatus bumblebees, Brook Barbel fish, Colletes sierrensis polyester bees, Distichophyllum carinatum moss, Epipactis de Plaisance (Epipactis of Pleasance) orchid plants, Eucobresia pegorarii land snails, Halictus carinthiacus bees, Italian Nase fish, Lasioglossum breviventre sweat bees, Myosotis rehsteineri flowering plants, Ropalopus ungaricus beetles, Thick-Shelled River Mussels, Trochulus biconicus land snails, Vertigo heldi land snails, and White-Clawed Crayfish are the 16 endangered species in Switzerland. Species named after Switzerland include the Swiss Brassy Ringlet butterfly, Swiss Chard, and Swiss Stone Pine tree.

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