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Monday, October 17, 2016

Flag of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Flag of Hafnarfjordur, Iceland's third largest city

Situated in southwestern ICELAND and south of Reykjavík (Iceland's capital), Hafnarfjordur (Hafnarfjörður) is a coastal city with approximately 28,000 residents and is Iceland's third most-populated city. Humorously, the city's name is currently translated as "boots" in Google Translate; it's true that some locals would wear boots in the wintertime! Hafnarfjordur and surrounding areas feature two major golf courses (Hvaleyrarvöllur and Setbergsvöllur), several museums, a sculpture center, a Viking Festival, Íshestar Riding Centre for horseback riding, geothermal pools, terrain for mountain climbing, and lava rock formations. Hafnarfjordur's website includes the community's nickname: the Town in the Lava. Featuring a navy blue lighthouse above stylistic waves, Hafnarfjordur's flag obviously signifies the city's seafaring heritage. This lighthouse design does not resemble a local lighthouse, although other Icelandic lighthouses look similar.

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