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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Russia Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for RUSSIA in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia lists 3 extinct species*, 1 extinct-in-the-wild species (Beloribitsa fish), 32 critically endangered species, and 69 endangered species. Russia's critically endangered species include the Amur Sturgeon, Awarian Centaury plant, Crested Shelduck, Dagestanian Milk Vetch plant, Kaluga fish, Long-Fruited Brier plant, Narrow-Limbed Hornungia flowering plant, Orlov's Viper snake, Owen's Muehlbergella flowering plant, Persian Sturgeon, Saiga, Sakhalin Sturgeon, Sea-Run Taimen fish, Star Sturgeon, and Thorn Sturgeon.

Asiatic Wild Dogs, Bearded Spurge flowering plants, Black-Faced Spoonbills, Blackiston's Fish Owls (geographic extent: northern Japan and extreme eastern Russia), Caspian Seals, Cherkessian Thistle flowering plants, Hoffmann's Pika mammals, Japanese Spiky Sea Cucumbers, Mongolian Wild Horses, Sea Otters, and West Caucasian Tur (Western Tur) goat-antelopes are some endangered organisms. Species named after Russia include the Russian Desman mammal, Russian Mole Rat, Russian Spirlin fish, and Russian Sturgeon.

* Eudontomyzon sp. nov. 'migratory' lampreys, Spectacled Cormorant birds, and Stellar's Sea Cow mammals used to live in Russia but have been extinct for decades and centuries.

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