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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mavrovo National Park

Forested trail near Bunec, Macedonia in Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo National Park logo
Nestled in the northwestern corner of MACEDONIA (Republic) and bordering Albania and Kosovo, Mavrovo National Park (Националниот парк Маврово) was proclaimed as a natural preserve of its mountainous territory on Monday, April 18th, 1949. Being the Republic of Macedonia’s largest national park, Mavrovo features hilly and mountainous terrain and is a favorite place for hiking, mountain climbing, and exploring nature. While providing ample opportunities for isolated rest and relaxation, park visitors are surrounding by multiple villages and towns – especially in Mavrovo’s southwestern portion. Restaurants, markets, and/or lodging can be found in or near Adzhievci, Belichica, Boletin, Janche, Lazaropole, Leunovo, Mavrovi Anovi, Mavrovo, Rostusha, St. Jovan Bigorski, Skudrinje, Trebishte, Velebrdo, Vidushe, Zhirovnica, and other localities. The national park's website — — includes a detailed map showing villages and their amenities.

Mountainous terrain overlooking Mavrovo Lake

The park’s towering landmark is Golem Korab – the highest mountain in Albania and Macedonia. By the way, the exact height of this mountain is disputed by 10 meters. Online Macedonian info sources note that Korab’s height is 2754 meters (9035 feet), although the pointy peak is also said to be 2764 meters. Regardless, Korab is arguably one of the most awesome features of the republic and therefore a fitting centerpiece for Macedonia’s coat of arms! Other towering peaks along the Macedonia-Albania border include Krchin or Krčin (2343 m), Plocha (2233 m), and Velivar (2373 m). Krchin and Velivar are the tallest peaks on Deshat (Dešat) mountain, essentially guarding over yellow wildflowers in the photo below. Another spectacular sight to see is Mavrovo Lake, a 13.7-km² area destination for enjoying blissful views. In summary, a trip to Macedonia would not be complete without exploring Mavrovo National Park! Even if you're currently unable to visit Mavrovo National Park, at least you can enjoy these photos from the national park's website. Click on the four introductory photos to reveal more pics about the landscape (Пејсажи), activities/culture (Активности), flora (Флора), and fauna (Фауна).

Flowers thrive on a hillside near Deshat Mountain in western Macedonia.

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