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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Coastal Cities of Tunisia

Situated in North Africa, TUNISIA is one of 21 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, it is no surprise that coastal Tunisia boasts beaches, plenty of coastal communities, and an idyllic Mediterranean climate. However, northwestern Tunisia does not have many communities along the coast. To the east, there are more coastal cities near Tunis, Tunisia's capital and city with over 1,055,000 residents. Approximate populations of major towns and cities are listed in parentheses. From west to east, towns and cities along Tunisia's northern coast include Tabarka (over 17,000), Douar El Aich Ben Hamza, Ras Angela, Bizerte (over 115,000), Zarzouna, Metline, Cap Zebib, Ras El Djebel (Ras Jebel), Raf Raf, Lahmeri, Raoued (54,000), La Marsa (93,000), Tunis, Rades (60,000), Korbous, and Al Huwariyah (El Haouaria).

Towns and cities along the curvy north-south coast in northeastern Tunisia include Hammam El Guezaz, Kelibia (58,500), Menzel Temime (65,700), Korba (69,000), El Maâmoura, Béni Khiar (17,000), Nabeul (over 73,000), Hammamet (97,600), Hergla, Sousse (over 271,400), Monastir (over 104,500), Téboulba, Mahdia (80,000), Chebba (24,000), Sidi Mansour, Sfax (340,000), Mahres (34,300), Skhira (34,700), and Gabès (153,000). Finally, communities along the northwest-southeast coastline in southeastern Tunisia include Al-Zar At, El Jorf (Jorf), Djerba Ajim (24,300) on Djerba island, Boughrara, Sangho, Zarzis (74,400), Ben Guerdane (80,000), and Ras Jedir.

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