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Friday, March 17, 2017

Airplane House in Nigeria

A longstanding home construction trend involves the use of an airplane fuselage — the main cylindrical part of an aircraft — to build a sturdy and relatively inexpensive house. Therefore, there are possibly thousands of "airplane houses" around the world. One example, however, took a multi-story mansion in Abuja, NIGERIA to the next level. Starting in 2002, contractor Jammal Said designed and help built the Abuja Airplane House, which incorporates the whole plane — not just the fuselage. The empennage (plane's tail), four engines, cockpit windows, and passenger windows are all visible — sitting on top of the house and surrounded by the uppermost balcony. There is even a plane-topped guest house in the backyard! Photographs and more details can be found on Atlas Obscura (↗).

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