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Friday, January 27, 2017

Posts About South America

Below are various GeoFact of the Day posts pertaining to South America and its countries (and territory), culture, environment, and landscape. All blog post hyperlinks open in new tabs or windows — depending on your Internet browser — for your convenience. Want to see a future post regarding a particular topic you enjoy or want to know more about? Please feel free to submit a comment below!
          — Languages of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay
          — Landlocked countries
          — Previous presidents of South America match game
          — Rivers near South American capital cities

          — Argentinean flag
          — Extinct and endangered species
          — Pope Francis I becomes Pope (he was born in Argentina)
          — UNESCO heritage sites

          — Bolivian salt flats
          — Extinct and endangered species
          — Former name of Sucre, Bolivia
          — World's highest navigable lake (quick GeoFact) — post with photograph

          — 10 largest countries in the world
          — 10 most-populated cities in Brazil
          — Countries with Z in their names
          — Endangered species
          — New Brazil map
          — Rio Grande do Sul state

          — Extinct and endangered species
          — Strait of Magellan
          — Topography (land surface)

          — 2 Tallest mountain peaks (quick GeoFact)
          — Extinct and endangered species
          — New Colombia map
          — What in the World? Country #10

          — Ecuadorian cities
          — Ecuadorian islands
          — Extinct and endangered species

FRENCH GUIANA (overseas territory of France)
          — French Guiana's capital (quick GeoFact)

          — Endangered species
          — Highest mountain and nearby features
          — Mount Venamo (Guyana and Venezuela)

          — Endangered species
          — Route 9 highway
          — What in the World? Country #5

          — Extinct and endangered species
          — Paracas Peninsula
          — Species named after Peru
          — World's highest navigable lake (quick GeoFact) — post with photograph

          — Brokopondo Reservoir
          — Disputed borders
          — Endangered species

          — Endangered species
          — Flags with the Sun
          — Uruguay's capital (quick GeoFact)

          — Endangered species
          — Mount Venamo (Guyana and Venezuela)
          — ParĂ­a Peninsula

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