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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina Quiz

See if you can answer these BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA-related quiz questions without the help of literary resources and the Internet. Answers are provided at the end...good luck!

1)      Born in the heart of Bosnia & Herzegovina in Zenica, Danis Tanović is an award-winning ___________.
A — movie director
B — screenwriter
C — actor
D — both A and B
E — both B and C

2)      Which of the following rivers does NOT flow along Bosnia & Herzegovina's border?
A — Neretva
B — Danube
C — Drina
D — Sava

3)      According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (↗), which of the following is NOT a major export from Bosnia & Herzegovina?
A — Chairs and seats
B — Leather footwear
C — Clocks
D — Vehicle parts

4)      Which Bosnian & Herzegovinan city has a population hovering around 200,000, according to 2013 estimates from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Statistics?
A — Banja Luka
B — Lukavac
C — Sarajevo

5)      Along with Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Dinaric Alps mountain range is found in which TWO countries?
A — Bulgaria
B — Croatia
C — Hungary
D — Montenegro

Question 1:
D . . . . . both A and B

Question 2:
B . . . . . Danube River, which is located close by (36.7 kilometers and 22.8 miles) but not touching this country

Question 3:
C . . . . . Clocks

Question 4:
A . . . . . Banja Luka

Question 5:
B . . . . . Croatia     and     D . . . . . Montenegro

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