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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

National Geographic Geo Bee Quiz — January 17, 2017

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GeoFact of the Day Blog's GeoBee Quiz posts are essentially archived and therefore always available (↗), even if National Geographic removed questions from the website. Try this post's geography quiz — correctly answering at least seven out of ten questions means you are definitely a geography whiz! Many more quiz questions are found on this webpage: (↗).

1)      Which UNITED STATES city is located on the Potomac River and was built in the late 1700s, to the specifications of Pierre L'Enfant's plans?
A — Pittsburgh
B — New York
C — Washington, District of Columbia

2)      During U.S. President Bill Clinton's trip to Africa in March 1998, he spoke to schoolchildren in a town near Kampala. This visit occurred in what country?
A — Ghana
B — South Africa
C — Uganda

3)      Which mountain range extends across more degrees of latitude, compared to the other two choices?
A — Ural
B — Apennine
C — Carpathian

4)      True or False: CAMEROON is larger in area than GABON and LIBYA.
A — True
B — False

5)      The Potala was home to the Dalai Lama until he fled into exile in 1959. The Potala overlooks what Himalayan city?
A — Thimphu
B — Lhasa
C — Kathmandu

6)      Which U.S. state has the longest border with Canada?
A — Alaska
B — Idaho
C — Maine

7)      Are the following countries — LESOTHO, MONGOLIA, and SWITZERLAND — (A) adjacent to at least one major ocean or sea (Non-Landlocked), or (B) landlocked?
A — Non-Landlocked
B — Landlocked

8)      Which contested region, home to majority Muslim and Hindu populations, has been the subject of a territorial dispute for about 60 years?
A — Chechnya
B — Golan Heights
C — Kashmir

9)      Pineapples and which other crop are Hawaii's chief plantation crops?
A — bananas
B — rice
C — sugarcane

10)      The fertile Plain of Sharon is a major citrus-growing region along the Mediterranean coast. Which country is it located in?
A — Spain
B — Morocco
C — Jordan
D — Israel


Question 1:
C . . . . . Washington, D.C.

Question 2:
C . . . . . Uganda

Question 3:
A . . . . . Ural

Question 4:
B . . . . . False
Cameroon is not larger than Libya (Cameroon is larger than Gabon, though)

Question 5:
B . . . . . Lhasa

Question 6:
A . . . . . Alaska

Question 7:
B . . . . . Landlocked

Question 8:
C . . . . . Kashmir

Question 9:
C . . . . . sugarcane

Question 10:
D . . . . . Israel

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