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Friday, January 13, 2017

National Geographic Geo Bee Quiz — January 13, 2017

National Geographic's Geography Bee studying and preparation website has been revamped, for better or worse. The Geo Bee Quiz and its questions are now available at the following link: (↗). It appears that questions are automatically generated and re-ordered — refreshing the National Geographic page could result in a geography quiz with different questions. GeoFact of the Day Blog's GeoBee Quiz posts are essentially archived and therefore always available (↗), even if National Geographic removed questions from the website.

1)      A major nickel deposit was discovered on the mainland of Newfoundland — near what sea was it located?
A — Labrador Sea
B — Greenland Sea
C — Canadian Sea

2)      Canary Wharf, part of the Docklands redevelopment, is located on what European river that rises in the Cotswold Hills?
A — Thames
B — Seine
C — Volga

3)      Before capturing Samarkand (modern-day UZBEKISTAN), Alexander the Great crossed the Oxus River, which flowed from the Pamirs to the Aral Sea. Today, this river is known by what other name?
A — Indus
B — Brahmaputra
C — Amu Darya

4)      Which river runs through South Dakota?
A — Hudson
B — Missouri
C — Columbia

5)      Analogy: A meridian is to longitude as what is to latitude?
A — Equator
B — parallel
C — date line

6)      The confluence (meeting place) of the Blue Nile and White Nile rivers lies near Khartoum in which African country?
A — Sudan
B — Ethiopia
C — Morocco

7)      Analogy: The La Mancha and Somontano regions are to SPAIN as the Champagne and Burgundy regions are to what?
A — Switzerland
B — Germany
C — France

8)      Port Harcourt, a major oil-exporting center, is located on the southern coast of which West African country?
A — Ghana
B — Nigeria
C — Benin

9)      Niagara Falls is on the border between CANADA and which state?
A — New York
B — Pennsylvania
C — Vermont

10)      Which religion originated in INDIA and spread across Asia via trade routes such as the Silk Road?
A — Jainism
B — Islam
C — Buddhism


Question 1:
A . . . . . Labrador Sea

Question 2:
A . . . . . Thames

Question 3:
C . . . . . Amu Darya

Question 4:
B . . . . . Missouri

Question 5:
B . . . . . parallel

Question 6:
A . . . . . Sudan

Question 7:
C . . . . . France

Question 8:
B . . . . . Nigeria

Question 9:
A . . . . . New York

Question 10:
C . . . . . Buddhism

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