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Friday, December 2, 2016

Vietnam Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for VIETNAM in Southeast Asia and Indochina lists 1 extinct species (Indochinese Warty Pig), 104 critically endangered species, and 171 endangered species. Critically endangered species include the Chinese Pangolin, Chinese Swamp Cypress tree, Eagle Wood tree, Ebony tree, Edwards' Pheasant, Giant Carp fish, Golden-headed Langur monkey, Javan Rhinoceros, Large-antlered Muntjac deer, Red-Headed Turtle, Siamese Crocodile, Southern River Terrapin turtle, Southern Vietnam Box Turtle, Spoon-Billed Sandpiper bird, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey, Vietnamese Pond Turtle, and White-Rumped Vulture. Vietnam's endangered species include the Asian Buffalo (Wild Water Buffalo), Banteng wild cattle, Bourret's Cat Snake, Chinese Hickory tree, Dhole dog-like mammal, Hog Deer, Keeled Box Turtle, Narrow Sawfish, Owston's Civet mammal, Psychedelic Rock Gecko (groovy colors!), and White-Winged Duck. Species named after Vietnam include the Vietnam Flying Frog, Vietnamese Cutia bird, Vietnamese frog, Vietnamese Greenfinch, and Vietnamese Mouse-Deer.

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