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Friday, December 2, 2016

Venezuela Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for VENEZUELA in South America lists 1 extinct species (Pangani Haplo cichlid fish, possibly still living), 35 critically endangered species, and 78 endangered species. Some of Venezuela's critically endangered species are the Brown Spider Monkey, Caribbean Electric Ray, Carrizal Seedeater bird, Daggernose Shark, Elkhorn Coral, Goliath Grouper fish, Green and Red Venter Harlequin Toad (Pinango Stubfoot Toad), Leopard Rocket Frog, Merida Rocket Frog, Mucubaji Stubfoot Toad, Orinoco Crocodile, Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog, Scarlet Harlequin Toad, Staghorn Coral, Táchira Antpitta bird, and Venezuela Stubfoot Toad.

Endangered species include the Andean Tapir mammal, Baboonwood tree, Black-Capped Petrel, Durant's Rocket Frog, El Vivero Rocket Frog, Fernandez's Sword-Nosed Bat, Guaiac Tree, Isidor's Eagle, Lancini's Robber Frog, Long-Haired Spider Monkey, Northern Helmeted Curassow bird, Paria Wood Elf damselfly, Perijá Parakeet, Perijá Metaltail, Plain-Flanked Rail bird, Scissor-Tailed Hummingbird, and Williams' Ground Snake. Venezuela-named species include the Venezuela Coral Snake, Venezuela Ground Snake, Venezuela Round Stingray, Venezuelan Fish-Eating Rat, Venezuelan Flycatcher bird, Venezuelan Wood Quail, and Venezuelan Yellow Frog.

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