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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Turkey Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for TURKEY in West Asia and extreme Southeastern Europe lists 4 extinct species, 126 critically endangered species, and 125 endangered species. Critically endangered species include the Aci Göl Toothcarp fish, Adana Grasshopper, Aghrian Bellflower, Baytop's Onion, Bent Treacle Mustard, Black-Stemmed Goldendrop plant, Buttercup flower, Darevsky's Viper, Ephesus Dwarf Goby fish, Eğirdir Longsnout Scraper fish, Flathead Trout, Gumushanian Tulip flower, Heron's Bill flower, Iznik Loach fish, Leopard Barbel fish, Mervyn's Giant Fennel plant, Olurian Milk Vetch flower, Olympic Quillwort plant, Slender-Billed Curlew bird, Taurus Frog, Transcaucasian Racerunner lizard, and Wagner's Viper. Some endangered species: Aerial Crocus flower, Artvinian Barbarea flower, Bendimahi Lizard, Black Sea Viper, Caucasian Viper, Dahl's Jird rodent, Euphrates Softshell Turtle, Fat Spring Minnow fish, Giant Spring Minnow fish, Hittitic Spring Minnow fish, Karaman Grasshopper, Mesopotamian Blue butterfly, Orontes Scraper fish, Pontic Fescue grass, Rough Ray, Sandy Skate, Theresia's Blue butterfly, Thomson's Meadow Brown butterfly, Turkish Brook Lamprey, Uzzell's Lizard, Van Loach fish, Woronow's Centaury flower, and Yag Baligi fish. Species named after the country Turkey include the Australian Brushturkey bird, Purple Turkey plant, Turkey Hornbeam tree, Turkey Oak tree, Turkey Pea plant, Turkey Tangle Frogfruit plant, Turkey Vulture, Wattled Brushturkey ... and of course the Turkey (Ocellated, Wild, and various domesticated breeds)!

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