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Friday, September 30, 2016

Paraguay Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for PARAGUAY in South America lists 3 extinct-in-the-wild species (Aylacostoma chloroticum, Aylacostoma guaraniticum, and Aylacostoma stigmaticum*), 7 critically endangered species, and 14 endangered species. Critically endangered species are as follows: Brazilian Merganser duck, Candelabra Tree, Discocactus hartmannii tropical cactus, Eskimo Curlew bird, Glaucous Macaw (pretty blue color!), Mimosa morongii plant, and Purple-Barred Ground Dove. Black-Fronted Piping Guan birds, Crowned Solitary Eagles, Giant Brazilian Otters, Marsh Seedeater birds, Pilar Tuco-Tuco rodent, Taguas (Chacoan Peccaries), Vinaceous Parrots, and White-Winged Nightjar birds are endangered in Paraguay.

* These freshwater snail species are believed to be extinct due to Yacyretá Dam construction on the Paraná River.

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