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Friday, September 30, 2016

Papua New Guinea Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for PAPUA NEW GUINEA in Oceania lists 1 extinct species (Rhantus papuantus beetle), 37 critically endangered species, and 64 endangered species. Papua New Guinea's critically endangered species include Beck's Petrel, Black Forest-Wallaby, Black Mogurnda fish, Bougainville Paphiopedilum orchid (endemic to Bougainville island), Bulmer's Fruit Bat, Eastern Long-beaked Echidna, Glass Blue-Eye fish, Longcomb Sawfish, New Guinea Big-Eared Bat, Northern Glider marsupial, and Tenkile Tree Kangaroo. Endangered species include the Alpine Wallaby, Black-Backed Pitta bird, Bougainville Naked-Tailed Rat, David's Echymipera (David's Spiny Bandicoot) marsupial, Fergusson Island Striped Possum (Tate's Triok), Giant Bandicoot, Gressitt's Paramelomys rodent, Mountain Pademelon marsupial, Moustached Kingfisher, Northern Water Rat, Ornate Tree Kangaroo, Van Deusen's Rat, and White-Eyed Starling. Species named after the country include the Papua New Guinea Montane Keelback snake and Papua New Guinea Rat.

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