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Friday, June 17, 2016

Species Named for Malawi

Shape of Malawi filled with the image of a Malawi Eyebiter fish's metallic scales
Just like with Madagascar, species are named after MALAWI, another country in Southeastern Africa. There are many more species named after Madagascar than Malawi, but at least Malawi is notable for having over 1,000 species of cichlid fish in Lake Malawi alone! The following are species named after Malawi: Alinula malawica sedge plant, Malawi Eyebiter (Malawi Eye Biter) cichlid fish, Malawi Galago bushbaby, Malawi Gar fish, Malawi Spiny Eel, Malawi Squeaker (type of upside-down catfish), Malawi Stumptail Chameleon, and Malawi Thicklip cichlid. As obviously shown in Malawi's geographic shape to the left, Malawi Eyebiters are known for their vibrant blue and purplish metallic scales. Yes, these fish do bite the eyes of predators!

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