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Drought Maps
Current drought map of Indiana     Current drought map of the United States
Images are automatically updated by the U.S. Drought Monitor.
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West Nile Virus (Arboviral) Updates
Interactive West Nile Virus Map: Indiana State Dept. of Health (↗)

Information Updated 12/3/2018

Some mosquitoes in 87 Indiana counties have the West Nile Virus, as determined by a total of 688 confirmed lab-test results:
           ● All counties except Brown, Clinton, Martin, Perry, and Randolph

People Infections — WNV (35): Allen (5), Delaware (3), Elkhart (2), Grant (1), Hamilton (5), Hendricks (1), Huntington (1), Kosciusko (2), Lake (4), LaPorte (1), Marion (2), Porter (1), Vanderburgh (4), Wells (1), White (1), and Whitley (1)

Equine (Horse) Infections
           ● WNV (23): Adams (14), Harrison (1), Jay (3), Lake (1), Noble (1), Tippecanoe (1), and Whitley (2)
           ● Eastern Equine Encephalomyelitis (2): Kosciusko (1) and Whitley (1)

West Nile Virus in Indiana Throughout the Years

Choropleth map of Indiana counties with the West Nile Virus in 2013   Choropleth map of Indiana counties with the West Nile Virus in 2014   Choropleth map of Indiana counties with the West Nile Virus in 2015   Choropleth map of Indiana counties with the West Nile Virus in 2016Choropleth map of Indiana counties with the West Nile Virus in 2017   Choropleth map of Indiana counties with the West Nile Virus in 2018

Information updated 12/23/2017

Some mosquitoes in 90 Indiana counties have the West Nile Virus, as determined by a total of 649 confirmed lab-test results:
           ● All counties except Martin and Ohio; Adams, Allen, Bartholomew, Benton, Blackford, Boone, Brown, Carroll, Cass, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Crawford, Daviess, Dearborn, Decatur, DeKalb, Delaware, Dubois, Elkhart, Fayette, Floyd, Fountain, Franklin, Fulton, Gibson, Grant, Greene, Hamilton, Hancock, Harrison, Hendricks, Henry, Howard, Huntington, Jackson, Jasper, Jay, Jefferson, Jennings, Johnson, Knox, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Lake, LaPorte, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Miami, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Newton, Noble, Orange, Owen, Parke, Perry, Pike, Porter, Posey, Pulaski, Putnam, Randolph, Ripley, Rush, Saint Joseph, Scott, Shelby, Spencer, Starke, Steuben, Sullivan, Switzerland, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Union, Vanderburgh, Vermillion, Vigo, Wabash, Warren, Warrick, Washington, Wayne, Wells, White, and Whitley

People Infections — WNV (26): Allen (1), Bartholomew (1), Clark (2), Delaware (2), Elkhart (2), Grant (1), Greene (1), Hamilton (2), Jasper (1), Jay (1), Jennings (1), Lake (3), Madison (1), Marion (2), Marshall (1), Sullivan (1), Tippecanoe (1), Wayne (1), and Whitley (1)

People Infections — Serogroup Viruses (La Crosse Virus, etc.) (1): Ripley (1)

Equine (Horse) Infections — WNV (12): Adams (5), Elkhart (2), Hancock (1), LaGrange (3), and Whitley (1)

Information Updated 1/12/2017

Some mosquitoes in 58 Indiana counties have the West Nile Virus,
as determined by a total of 261 confirmed lab-test results:
           ● Adams, Allen, Bartholomew, Benton, Boone, Carroll, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb, Delaware, Elkhart, Fayette, Floyd, Fulton, Gibson, Grant, Greene, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Henry, Howard, Huntington, Jefferson, Jennings, Johnson, Lake, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Martin, Miami, Monroe, Morgan, Noble, Pike, Pulaski, Putnam, Randolph, Rush, Saint Joseph, Scott, Shelby, Spencer, Starke, Steuben, Sullivan, Tippecanoe, Vanderburgh, Vermillion, Vigo, Wabash, Washington, Wells, White, and Whitley

Human Infections (18): Allen (2), Bartholomew (1), Lake (8), Marion (1), Orange (1), Saint Joseph (2), Tippecanoe (1), and Vanderburgh (2)

Information Updated 11/1/2015

Some mosquitoes in 83 Indiana counties have the WNV:
           ● Adams, Allen, Bartholomew, Benton, Blackford, Boone, Brown, Carroll, Cass, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Crawford, Daviess, Dearborn, Decatur, DeKalb, Delaware, Dubois, Elkhart, Floyd, Fountain, Franklin, Fulton, Grant, Greene, Hamilton, Hancock, Harrison, Hendricks, Howard, Huntington, Jackson, Jasper, Jennings, Johnson, Knox, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Lake, LaPorte, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Martin, Miami, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Newton, Noble, Orange, Owen, Parke, Perry, Pike, Porter, Pulaski, Putnam, Randolph, Ripley, Rush, Saint Joseph, Scott, Shelby, Spencer, Starke, Steuben, Sullivan, Switzerland, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Union, Vanderburgh, Vigo, Wabash, Warren, Warrick, Washington, Wells, White, and Whitley

Human Infections (21): Allen (4), Bartholomew (1), Delaware (1), Hamilton (1), Hendricks (1), Howard (1), Huntington (2), Jasper (1), Lake (1), Madison (1), Marion (2), Saint Joseph (1), Tippecanoe (1), and Vanderburgh (3)

Information Updated 11/12/2014

Some mosquitoes in 54 Indiana counties have the WNV:
           ● Adams, Allen, Carroll, Clark, Clay, Dearborn, Decatur, DeKalb, Delaware, Dubois, Elkhart, Floyd, Fulton, Gibson, Grant, Greene, Hamilton, Hendricks, Henry, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Johnson, Knox, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Lake, LaPorte, Lawrence, Marion, Marshall, Miami, Morgan, Newton, Orange, Pike, Posey, Pulaski, Putnam, Ripley, Rush, Saint Joseph, Scott, Steuben, Sullivan, Switzerland, Tippecanoe, Vanderburgh, Vigo, Wabash, Washington, Wells, and White

Human Infections (9): Hancock (1), Kosciusko (1), Lawrence (1), Marion (1), Porter (3), Putnam (1), and Vanderburgh (1)

Information Updated 11/20/2013

Some mosquitoes in 87 Indiana counties (all except 5*) have the WNV:
* Ripley County did not confirm WNV mosquitoes, even though it has a human infection. This person may have contracted the WNV from another county and state. Colored grey in the county map below, the four non-WNV counties are Dearborn, Jennings, Orange, and Switzerland.
           ● Adams, Allen, Bartholomew, Benton, Blackford, Boone, Brown, Carroll, Cass, Clark, Clay, Clinton, Crawford, Daviess, Decatur, DeKalb, Delaware, Dubois, Elkhart, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Fountain, Fulton, Gibson, Grant, Greene, Hamilton, Hancock, Harrison, Hendricks, Henry, Howard, Huntington, Jackson, Jasper, Jay, Jefferson, Johnson, Knox, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Lake, LaPorte, Lawrence, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Martin, Miami, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Newton, Noble, Ohio, Owen, Parke, Perry, Pike, Porter, Posey, Pulaski, Putnam, Randolph, Rush, Saint Joseph, Scott, Shelby, Spencer, Starke, Steuben, Sullivan, Tippecanoe, Tipton, Union, Vanderburgh, Vermillion, Vigo, Wabash, Warren, Warrick, Washington, Wayne, Wells, White, and Whitley

Human Infections (22): Allen (1), Bartholomew (1), Clark (1), Elkhart (1), Floyd (1), Hamilton (1), Kosciusko (2), Lake (1), Marion (2), Miami (1), Porter (3), Ripley (1), Scott (1), Vanderburgh (3), Vigo (1), and Warrick (1)

Major Lakes

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes; there are actually almost 12,000 major lakes (lakes larger than 10 acres) in the North Star State. In a sense, Indiana likely has over 10,000 lakes as well...only if the tiniest ponds are included! Most natural Hoosier lakes are found in the northern counties, where kettle lakes dot the landscape thanks to the melting and land-shaping glacial ice. The state's human-created, artificial reservoirs are mostly found in Southern Indiana. However, this region boasts dozens (if not hundreds) of karst lakes. This is a type of freshwater lake in which water wells up from under ground to permeate and flow above soft, porous limestone and other minerals. Some Southern Indiana lakes are known for their strikingly jagged valley patterns.

The following list is a comprehensive overview of major lakes in each county. For disclaimer purposes: some lakes listed below might be inaccessible, part of privately-owned land, or unsuitable/unsafe for recreational purposes (swimming, fishing, etc.). Some counties are lacking when it comes to recreational, publicly accessible lakes. Access this water quality post (↗) to learn about lakes experiencing severe eutrophication, a process that encourages too much algae growth and may deprive fish of vital oxygen levels. This section of the All About Indiana page was mostly compiled with the use of Google Maps, lakes data from the IndianaMAP GIS layer/shapefile (, and GeoNames.

Fryback and Rainbow

Cedarville Reservoir, Hurshtown Reservoir, and Shoaff

Echo, Grandview, Harrison, Lutheran, Plover Pit, Sandpiper Pit, Schaefer, Tamerix, and Tipton Lakes

Several unnamed lakes

Blue Water, Cains, Mohee, Placid, and Shamrock Lakes

Eagle, Old Mill Pond, Oxidation, Russell, and Wurster

Cordry, Crain, Gallahue, Green, Happy Landing, LaSalle, Lemon, Little Fox, Monroe, Parker, Shady Oaks, Smith, Sweetwater, and Woodland

Freeman, Vernon Payne, and Wally’s Woods

Cicott and Perry

Big Bass, Deam, Franke, Hideaway, Jack Pine Park, Oak, Schlamm, Scottsville, Shady Hollow, Silver Lakes, and Stumbler

Bowles, Dietz, Kickapoo, Lake of the Woods, Shakamak, Water Works, and Whippoorwill

Little and several other unnamed lakes

English Reservoir, Patoka, and Wyandotte

Dogwood, Dove Hollow, Elmore Pond, Indian Rock, Swan Pond, and West Boggs

Dilldear, Hidden Valley, J. Maxwell, Melody, Old Channel, Perrine, Souders, and Twin Lakes

Dream, Greensburg City Park, Greensburg Reservoir, McCoy, Middle Fork, Morrison Pond, Reed Reservoir, and Santee

Burdick, Cedar, Dunton, Haynes, Holiday Lakes, Indian, Lintz, Lower Story, San Giovanni, Terry, and Upper Story

Burlington, Emerald, Jackson, Long, and Prairie Creek Reservoir

Briedenbaugh, Calumet, Deerwood, Ferdinand State Forest, Habig, Holland, Huntingburg, Huntingburg Conservation Club, Idle Hour, Ireland, Izaac Walton, Jasper, Lottes, McMurtie, Olinger, Patoka, Ruxer, and William

Boot, Dock, East, Fidler Pond, Fish, Goose Pond, Goshen Dam Pond, Heaton, Hunter, Indiana, Norton, Simonton, and Wolf

Manlove, Neuman, and Smalley’s Pond

Arrowhead, Bill’s Lakes, Brazil, Floyds Knobs, Georgetown, Greenville Reservoir, Mount Saint Francis, and Ulrich

Charlarose, Coffing Brothers, Harrison, Hemlock Lakes, Holiday Hideaway, Riley, Roger’s, Shawnee, Sugar Mill, and Twin

Brookville, Gemco, Santee, Shady, Triple, Wayne Kopp, and Woodland Retreat

Anderson, Barr, Bowen, Boyer, Bruce, Fletcher’s, Kings, Lears, Lost, Manitou, Mill Pond, Mud, Nyona, O’Blennis, Rock, Schael, South Mud, Stinson, Summit (including Middle Summit and Upper Summit), Town, and Zink

Broad Pond, Burnet Pond, Foote Pond, Gibson, Goose Pond, Long Pond, Maucks Pond, New, and Old

Brookhaven Addition, Dollar, Glendale, Marion, Lincoln Country Club, Loew, Sports, Taylor, and Wagner

Beechwood, Boat, Boy Scout Pond, County Line, Dyer, Harmons, Jackson, Kickapoo, Lenape, More, Moses, Powell Pond, Sunflower Pond, and Thomas

Geist Reservoir, Morse Reservoir, Ullswater, Valley Forge, Windemere, Woodland, and Woodland Addition

Perry, Roberts, Spring, and Sugar Hills

Farris, Number 2, Overflow Pond, Pine Springs, and Saint Peter’s

Beck, Danville Conservation Clubhouse, Donahue, Forest (2 lakes), Indianhead, Jeto, Klondike Pond, Ledgewood, Manor, Penn, Pins Way, Stout, Sunset, and View

Castle, Giboney, Haven, Summit Lake Reservoir, and Westwood Park Reservoir

Kokomo Waterworks Reservoir #1 and Kokomo Waterworks Reservoir #2; “Mud Creek Lake” and several other unnamed lakes

Clair, Huntington, J. Edward Roush, Salamonie, and Timber

Beck Pond, Berry Branch, Buckskin Pond, Docs, Fox Pond, Hillview, Knob, Peter’s, Pyoca, Scholl Pond, Starve Hollow, and Tarzian

Lake Holiday and an unnamed lake in NE Jasper Co.

Fox Lake and several unnamed lakes

I. V. West, Jefferson, Miller, and Rider

Broomsage, Brush Creek Reservoir, Country Squire, Crosley, Goose Pond, Hickory, Kimberly, Mallard Pond, Teal Pond, and Whippoorwill

Bell, Brown, Carolyn, Dailey, Dearmin, Donald, Earlham, FFA Youth, H Lake, Hants, Hood, I Lake, Lamb, Mullendore Pond, Peoga, Pisgah, Princes Lakes (East, North, and Northeast), Ray Willoughby, Riley, Roger Young, Saunders, Stone Arch, and Woodridge

Broadie, City, Clarence Kopp, Claypole Pond, Clear Pond, Cleveland, Grays Pond, Half Moon Pond, Horseshoe Pond, Long Pond, Maria Pond, Mine Pond, Mirror, Nicholson Pond, Otter Pond, Swan Pond, and Wabash Pond

Allen, Banning, Barrel-and-a-Half, Beaver Dam, Beigh, Barbee (Big and Little), Black, Caldwell, Carr, Crystal, Dewart, Diamond, Durham, Fish, Goldeneye Pond, Goose, Grindle, Hammond, Heckman, Heron, Hill, Hoffman, James, Jamison, Kiser, Kuhn, Larrew, Little (North and South), Little Chapman, Long, Loon, McClure’s, McPherson, Morehead, Mud, Muskellunge, Palestine, Papakeechie, Pierceton, Pike, Pisgah, Price, Read, Reed, Ridinger, Rock, Rothenberger, Sawmill, Schultz, Sechrist, Seller’s, Sheely, Sherburn, Shock, Shoe, Sickle, Snoke, Spear, Stafford, Stanton, Stevens, Tennant, Tibbitts, Tippecanoe, Waubee, Wawasee, Webster, Whyland, Wyland, and Yellow Creek Lk.

Adams, Appleman, Atwood, Beaverdam, Big Long, Big Turkey, Blackman, Brokesha, Brown, Buck, Case, Cass, Cedar, Cline, Cotton, D Marsh (North and South), Dallas, Dollar, Donaldson, Duff, East, Emma, Eve, Fennell, Fish, Goose Pond (3), Grass, Grassy, Green, Hackenburg, Hayward, Lake of the Woods, Lane, Little Turkey, Martin, Massassauga, McClish, Messick, Meteer, Mongo Millpond, Mud (2 lakes), Nauvoo, Olin, Oliver, Ontario Millpond, Pigeon, Pike Marsh, Pond Lil, Pretty, Quog, Rainbow, Royer, Shipshewana, Spectacle Lakes, Still, Stink Pond, Stone, Taylor (2 lakes), Troxel, Wall, Weir, and Witmer

Bel-Aire, Bingo, Cedar, Fancher, Fisher Pond, George (2 lakes), Golf, Grand Boulevard, Hermit, Hidden, Holiday, Mac Joy, Michigan, Redwing, Robinson, Seven, Trouthaven, and Wolf

Browdy, Clare, Clear (3), Crane, Davidson, Dingler, Finger, Fishtrap, Hildebrand, Horseshoe, Hudson, Hunt, Lee, Lily, Lower, Michigan, Ohms, Orr, Porter, Pottawattamie, Round, Ryden Lakes, Saugany, Silver, Spychalskis Pond, Swede, Tee, Upper Fish, and Walton

Half Moon, Ken-Ray, Rainbow, Sheeks, and Tincher

Aqua Gardens (ponds), Pine Lake, and several unnamed lakes along the White River

Bacon Swamp, Eagle Creek Reservoir, Geist Reservoir, Indian, Le-An-Wa, Lux, Peyton, Sullivan, Traders’ Point, Wagon Wheel, and West

Cook, Dixon, Eddy, Flat, Gilbert, Holem, Houghton, Koontz, Kreighbaum (Zehner Millpond), Lake of the Woods, Latonka, Lawrence, Lost, Maxinkuckee, Moore, Mud, Myers, Pretty, and Thomas

Baver, Greenwood, Oberlin, Seed Tick, and West Boggs

Fox, Gaerte, and Mississinewa

Bethal, Bryant Creek Lk., Cherry, Egenolf, Geiger Ridge Pond, Griffy Reservoir, Henke, Hunter Creek Pond, Jay Pond, Lazy, Lemon, Monroe, Schact, Tower Blackwell, Twin Lakes, University, and Weimer

C. Moore, Holiday, Shades Pond, Sportsman’s Club, and Waveland

Amy, Arens, Armstrong, Arnold, Bodona, Bray, Cox, Crouse, Dalton, Dillman (including South Lake Dillman), Durham Drive, Echo, Edgewood, Foxcliff, Guthrie, Hart, Hill-Place, Hren, J Lake, Kivett, Lambert, Leona, Little Nebo, Maxine, Mann, Merrywood, Monical, Old Swimmin’ Hole, Painted Hills, Paradise (Lower and Upper), Paragon, Parker, Patton, Poplar Grove, Primrose, Ross-Wise, St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Shadow, Smith, Spring (including Upper Spring), Stockton, Three-Point, Twin Oaks, Vandenbark, Whippoorwill, Whispering Wind, Whitley, and Wildwood (including Upper Wildwood)

Cory, J. C. Murphey, and Riverside

Axel, Barr, Bartley, Bass, Baugher, Bear, Beck, Big, Bixler, Bowen, Bowman, Brackney, Bristol, Buckles, Bushong, Clouse, Crane, Cree, Cub, Davis, Deep, Deer, Diamond, Dock, Dollar, Duck, Duely, Eagle, Engle, Finster Lakes, Gilbert, Gordy, Grannis, Green, Hall, Harper, Harroff, Hawk, Henderson, Hickman, High, Hindman, Horseshoe, Indian (2 lakes), Jessie-Ca, Johnson, Keister, King, Knapp, Krieger, Kuhns, Latta, Lindsey, Little Cub, Little Knapp, Little Long, Little Smalley, Little Whitford, Long, Loon, Lower Long, Marl, Maxler, McHenry, Metz, Miller, Miller’s, Mirror, Moore, Moss, Mud (2 lakes), Muncie, Munk, Nauvoo, Needham, Norman, Petty, Pleasant, Port Mitchell, Poyser, Rider, Rivir, Roudy, Round, Russell, Sacarider, Sand, Sanford, Schauweker, Schockopee, Silver, Skinner, Smalley, Sparta, Spring, Stump, Summit, Sweet, Sylvan, Upper Long, Village, Waldron, Weber, Whirledge, Wible, Williams, Wilmot Pond, and Wolf

Several unnamed lakes

Olinger, Orleans Waterworks Reservoir, Patoka, Sleepy Hollow, Tucker, and Wildwood

Amazon, Barnes, Cagles Mill, Camp Otto, Cotton’s Little Pine, Farm Pond, Greybrook, Hollybrook, Paradise, Ralph Ketchum, Salter, Thomas, and Timber Ridge

Alma, Case, Cecil M. Harden, Lakeview Estates, Rockville, Rocky Fork, and Waveland

Celina, Deer, Derby Pond, East Deer Pond, Echo Valley, Fenn Haven, Gatchel Pond, Gerber Pond, Harding Pond, Helwig Hollow Pond, Indian, Lost Lake Pond, Middle Deer Pond, Mill, Oriole, Saddle, Timberlake Pond, and Tipsaw

Augusta, Edward, Eros, Globe Pond, Helmerich, Molly, Oxley, Pride’s Creek Lk., and William

Big Bass, Billington, Bull’s-Eye, Canada, Carlson Pond, Charles, Chestnut Lakes, Chubb, Clear, Deep, Eliza, Flint, Florence, Holiday, Lake on the Green, Long (2 lakes), Long Pond, Loomis, Louise, Mar-Mac, Michigan, Mink, Minnehaha, Morgan, Moss, Mud (2 lakes), Norman Olson, Pratt, Rice, Robbins Pond, Round, Sagers, Silver, Spectacle, Tommy Pond, and Wauhob

Goose Pond (2 ponds), Halfmoon Pond, Hovey, Knowles, Little Pitcher, Lost, Pahoka Camp, Pitcher, Servel, Slim Pond, Twin Lake, and Weirs

Bruce, Devil, and Langenbahn

Albin Pond, Baire, Banks, Cagles Mill, Dogwood Springs, Edgewood, Elmer Martens, Glenn Flint, Greyhound, Heritage, Oakalla, Paradise, Quarry Pond, Thomas, and Van Bibber

Indian Trail, several unnamed lakes, The Pit, and Wheeler Lakes

Bischoff Reservoir, Feller Reservoir, Hahn Reservoir, Mollenkramer Reservoir, Old Timber, Oser Reservoir, Paradise, Sycamore, Tall Oaks, and Versailles

Frank Alexander; “Arlington Lake,” “Carthage Lakes,” and several other unnamed lakes

Catfish, Chain O’ Lakes, Chamberlain, Deer, Dine, Dipper, Dollar, Elizabeth, Fites, Hardy’s, Lancaster, Lost, Moon, Mud, North Chain, Pinhook, Pleasant, Riddles, Rupel, Saint Joseph’s, Saint Mary’s, Sousley, South Chain, South Clear, Spicer, Twin Lakes, Wharton, and Worster

Arthur S. Kingman, Bowen, David Garriott, Don Reid, Forrest Helton, Hosea, Howard, Iola, Kinderhook, Marshall King, Marysville, McColloch, Pine, Presbyterian National Missions Lk., Scottsburg Reservoir, Smith, and Thomas J. Miller

Burnside Pit, Lk. Pleasant, and several unnamed lakes

Cedar Crest, Chrisney, Christmas, Dale Reservoir, Holly, Lincoln, Miller, Noel, Rudolph, Saint Meinrad, Santa Claus, and Vance

Bass, Eagle, Hartz, Koontz, Langenbahn, and Round

Anne, Arrowhead, Ball, Barton, Bass, Beaverdam, Bell, Black, Booth, Bower (Big and Little), Brown, Buck, Cemetery, Center (including Little Center and Middle Center), Chair Factory Lk., Charles (East and West), Cheeseboro, Clear, Crockett, Crooked, Deep, Eaton, Fish, Fox, Gannon (Stayner), Gage, Gentian, George, Golden, Gooseneck, Grass, Gravel Pit Lk., Green (2 lakes), Hamilton, Handy, Henry, Hogback, Howard, James, Jimmerson, Johnson (2 lakes), Koeneman, Lake of the Woods, Lk. Pleasant and Pleasant Lk., Lime (2 lakes), Lime Kiln, Lone Hickory, Long (2 lakes), Long Beach, Lonidaw, Loon, Marsh, McClish, Milldam, Mink, Meserve, Michiana, Minifenokee, Mirror, Otter (Big, Little, and West), Perch, Perfect, Pigeon, Pine Canyon, Reed, Rhodes, Round (2 lakes), Sally Owen, Seven Sisters Lakes, Shallow, Silver, Snow, Syl-Van, Tamarack (2 lakes), Terry, Turkey (Big and Little), Vogelbacher (Jackson), Walters, and Warner

Buzzard Pond, Greenbriar, Hickory, Jonay Pond, Kickapoo, More, Motorboat, Narrow, Old Channel, Red, Reservoir North, Reservoir South, Round Pond, South, Sullivan, Sunflower, Thunderbird Pond, Turtle Creek Lk., and Twin

Camp Livingston Lk., Edwin Pray, and Geneva

Blackbird Pond, Fairfield Lakes, Hadley, Mulvey Pond, Purdue University Pond, and several unnamed lakes

Several unnamed lakes

Brookville, several unnamed lakes, and Whitewater

Bell Conservation Lk., Bittner, Edgewater, Harold Mann, Kahr, Lloyd Hahn, Mater Dei Provincial Lk., Morgan, North Estates Lk., Ray Nell Acres Lk., Reflection (@ University of Southern Indiana), Servel, William Hamilton, and Woodland

Chew Lk., Collett Pond, Horseshoe Lakes, McDonald, and Shell

Blue Hole (pond), Boyle, Chestnut Bayou, Farmer Lk., Forest Park Swimming Pool, Fowler Park Lk., Greenfield Bayou, Hickory Grove Pond, Hulman Lodge Lk., Israel, Izaak Walton, Kieweg, Lee, Little Grassy Pond, Llewellyn, Malone Pond, Maple Avenue Lk., Morey, Muskrat Pond, Noji, North, Paint Mill Lk., Patton, Pennington Pond, Round Pond, Saint Mary’s Lake, South, Strip, Thomson, Tri-Land Estates Lk., Wadsworth, Wanda, Windemere, and Wonder

Bear, Brown, Bull, Dick Thomas Pond, Fearnow, Flat, Hominy Ridge, J. Chamberlain Pond, Lotz, Lukens, McColley, Mississinewa, Mud, Niconzah, Round, and Salamonie

Desmond Able, Kates, and Otterbein (Cranberry Marsh)

Chase, City (Boonville) Lake Number One, Collins, Hendrickson, Pfafflin, several unnamed lakes, and Warren’s

John Hays, Palmyra, “Rush Creek Lk.,” Salinda, several unnamed lakes, and “Twin Creek Lk.”

Elkhorn Lakes, Glen White, Hi-Way Springs Lakes, Middle Fork Reservoir, Osborne Lakes, Scout, several unnamed lakes, and We-Hi Lk.

Kunkel, Lost, Moser, several unnamed lakes, and Spiker

Lake Freeman and Lake Shafer

Bennett, Black, Blue, Brown, Catfish, Cedar, Compton, Crooked, Devil’s, Dollar, Goose, Ice House, Indian (2 lakes), Karen, Larwill, Leininger, Little, Little Cedar, Little Troy Cedar, Little Wilson, Loon, Menzie, Metzger Pond, Mud, Old, Rine, Round, Scott, Shriner, Souder, T Lake, Tadpole, Troy Cedar, Wilson, and Winters

The Major Lakes section was completed on June 19th, 2017

Counties of Indiana
The counties of Indiana;
click on the image for a
larger size
There are 92 counties in Indiana. They are listed below in alphabetical order. For the purpose of organizing the counties in my map, I've formed four sections that each have 23 counties.
For Map Reference: N - Northern; S - Southern; E - Eastern; W - Western
'A' Counties: Adams & Allen (both N)
'B' Counties: Bartholomew (E), Benton (W), Blackford (E), Boone (W), & Brown (S)
'C' Counties: Carroll (W), Cass (W), Clark (S), Clay (W), Clinton (W), & Crawford (S)
'D' Counties: Daviess (S), Dearborn (E), Decatur (E), DeKalb (N), Delaware (E), & Dubois (S)
'E' County: Elkhart (N)
'F' Counties: Fayette (E), Floyd (S), Fountain (W), Franklin (E), & Fulton (N)
'G' Counties: Gibson (S), Grant (E), & Greene (S)
'H' Counties: Hamilton (W), Hancock (E), Harrison (S), Hendricks (W), Henry (E), Howard (W), & Huntington (N)
'J' Counties: Jackson (S), Jasper (N), Jay (E), Jefferson (E), Jennings (E), & Johnson (W)
'K' Counties: Knox (S) & Kosciusko (N)
'L' Counties: LaGrange (N), Lake (N), LaPorte (N), & Lawrence (S)
'M' Counties: Madison (E), Marion (W), Marshall (N), Martin (S), Miami (N), Monroe (S), Montgomery (W), & Morgan (W)
'N' Counties: Newton & Noble (both N)
'O' Counties: Ohio (E), Orange (S), & Owen (W)
'P' Counties: Parke (W), Perry (S), Pike (S), Porter (N), Posey (S), Pulaski (N), & Putnam (W)
'R' Counties: Randolph, Ripley, & Rush (all E)
'S' Counties: Saint Joseph (N), Scott (E), Shelby (E), Spencer (S), Starke (N), Steuben (N), Sullivan (S), & Switzerland (E)
'T' Counties: Tippecanoe & Tipton (both W)
'U' County: Union (E)
'V' Counties: Vanderburgh (S), Vermillion (W), & Vigo (W)
'W' Counties: Wabash (N), Warren (W), Warrick (S), Washington (S), Wayne (E), Wells (N), White (W), & Whitley (N)

County Seats
Number in parentheses represents the license plate prefix (number) of each county.
« A »
ADAMS county (1) » Decatur
ALLEN (2) » Fort Wayne
« B »
BARTHOLOMEW (3) » Columbus
BENTON (4) » Fowler
BLACKFORD (5) » Hartford City
BOONE (6) » Lebanon
BROWN (7) » Nashville
« C »
CARROLL (8) » Delphi
CASS (9) » Logansport
CLARK (10) » Jeffersonville
CLAY (11) » Brazil
CLINTON (12) » Frankfort
CRAWFORD (13) » English
« D »
DAVIESS (14) » Washington
DEARBORN (15) » Lawrenceburg
DECATUR (16) » Greensburg
DEKALB (17) » Auburn
DELAWARE (18) » Muncie
DUBOIS (19) » Jasper
« E »
ELKHART (20) » Goshen
« F »
FAYETTE (21) » Connersville
FLOYD (22) » New Albany
FOUNTAIN (23) » Covington
FRANKLIN (24) » Brookville
FULTON (25) » Rochester
« G »
GIBSON (26) » Princeton
GRANT (27) » Marion
GREENE (28) » Bloomfield
« H »
HAMILTON (29) » Noblesville
HANCOCK (30) » Greenfield
HARRISON (31) » Corydon
HENDRICKS (32) » Danville
HENRY (33) » New Castle
HOWARD (34) » Kokomo
HUNTINGTON (35) » Huntington
« J »
JACKSON (36) » Seymour
JASPER (37) » Rensselaer
JAY (38) » Portland
JEFFERSON (39) » Madison
JENNINGS (40) » Vernon - not North Vernon, a more-populated town
JOHNSON (41) » Franklin
« K »
KNOX (42) » Vincennes
KOSCIUSKO (43) » Warsaw
« L »
LAGRANGE (44) » LaGrange
LAKE (45 & 94) » Crown Point
LAPORTE (46) » LaPorte
LAWRENCE (47) » Bedford
« M »
MADISON (48) » Anderson
MARION (49, 93, 95, and 97-99) » Indianapolis
MARSHALL (50) » Plymouth
MARTIN (51) » Shoals
MIAMI (52) » Peru
MONROE (53) » Bloomington
MONTGOMERY (54) » Crawfordsville
MORGAN (55) » Martinsville
« N »
NEWTON (56) » Kentland
NOBLE (57) » Albion
« O »
OHIO (58) » Rising Sun
ORANGE (59) » Paoli
OWEN (60) » Spencer
« P »
PARKE (61) » Rockville
PERRY (62) » Tell City
PIKE (63) » Petersburg
PORTER (64) » Valparaiso
POSEY (65) » Mount Vernon
PULASKI (66) » Winamac
PUTNAM (67) » Greencastle
« R »
RANDOLPH (68) » Winchester
RIPLEY (69) » Versailles
RUSH (70) » Rushville
« S »
SAINT JOSEPH (71) » South Bend
SCOTT (72) » Scottsburg
SHELBY (73) » Shelbyville
SPENCER (74) » Rockport
STARKE (75) » Knox
STEUBEN (76) » Angola
SULLIVAN (77) » Sullivan
SWITZERLAND (78) » Vevay
« T »
TIPPECANOE (79) » Lafayette
TIPTON (80) » Tipton
« U »
UNION (81) » Liberty
« V »
VANDERBURGH (82) » Evansville
VERMILLION (83) » Newport
VIGO (84) » Terre Haute
« W »
WABASH (85) » Wabash
WARREN (86) » Williamsport
WARRICK (87) » Boonville
WASHINGTON (88) » Salem
WAYNE (89) » Richmond
WELLS (90) » Bluffton
WHITE (91) » Monticello
WHITLEY (92) » Columbia City

Towns with Names of Capitals and Countries

Map of the towns in Indiana that are named after countries and capitalsThere are over 30 towns in Indiana that have names of a country or a country’s capital. These are listed below in alphabetical order, and they are shown on the Google Maps interactive map above and GeoFact of the Day image to the left.


Algiers (Pike Co.) ― Capital of Algeria
Athens (Fulton Co.) ― Capital of Greece
Cairo (Tippecanoe Co.) ― Capital of Egypt
Berlin (Clinton Co.) ― Capital of Germany ― Berlin, IN is not a town anymore
Dublin (Wayne Co.) ― Capital of Ireland
Kingston (Decatur Co.) ― Capital of Jamaica
La Paz (Marshall Co.) ― A capital of Bolivia
Lima (LaGrange Co. ) ― Capital of Peru ― Town renamed to Howe
Lisbon (Noble Co.) ― Capital of Portugal
London (Shelby Co.) ― Capital of United Kingdom
Manilla (Rush Co.) ― Likely named after the capital of The Philippines
Moscow (Rush Co.) ― Capital of Russia
New Amsterdam (Harrison Co.) ― Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands
New Lisbon (Henry and Randolph Co.) ― Lisbon is the capital of Portugal
New London (Howard Co.) ― London is the capital of the United Kingdom
New Paris (Elkhart Co.) ― Paris is the capital of France
Paris (Jennings Co.) ― Capital of France
Paris Crossing (Jennings Co.) ― Named after the capital of France
Rome (Perry Co.) ― Capital of Italy
Vienna (Scott Co.) ― Capital of Austria
Warsaw (Kosciusko Co.) ― Capital of Poland


Angola (Steuben Co.)
Brazil (Clay Co.)
Ceylon (Adams Co.) ― Ceylon was a country before it was named Sri Lanka
China (Jefferson Co.)
Cuba (Allen and Owen Counties)
Denmark (Owen Co.)
Egypt (Jasper Co.)
Germany (Clark Co.)
Holland (Dubois Co.) ― colloquial name for the Netherlands
Ireland (Dubois Co.)
Jordan (Owen Co.)
Lebanon (Boone Co.)
Mexico (Miami Co.)
Morocco (Newton Co.)
New Lebanon (Sullivan Co.)
Norway (White Co.)
Panama (Steuben Co.)
Peru (Miami Co.)
Poland (Clay Co.)
Syria (Orange Co.)

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