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Thursday, May 18, 2017

National Geographic Bee — May 18th, 2017

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GeoFact of the Day Blog's GeoBee Quiz posts are essentially archived and therefore always available (↗), even if National Geographic removed questions from the website. Try this latest geography quiz — correctly answering at least seven out of ten questions means you surely are a geography whiz! Many more quiz questions are found on this webpage: (↗).

1)      Independence, a starting point for expeditions along the Oregon Trail, is a town in which U.S. state?
A — South Carolina
B — Missouri
C — Oregon

2)      The world's northernmost national capital is heated almost entirely by geothermal energy. What city is this?
A — Reykjavik
B — Ottawa
C — Oslo

3)      Which island is farther north?
A — Sri Lanka
B — New Guinea
C — Babelthuap

4)      The fertile floodplain of the Chao Phraya river is the chief rice-growing region in ______________.

5)      A source of hydroelectric power, the Main river is a tributary of what river in GERMANY?
A — Danube
B — Elbe
C — Rhine

6)      A sun god's face adorns a wall of a temple in Kohunlich, an ancient Mesoamerican city in the state of Quintana Roo, MEXICO. This temple is located on which peninsula?
A — Yucatán
B — Guajira
C — Baja California

7)      Which European Union country had to tighten its border regulations since 2004 because two of its neighboring countries — BELARUS and UKRAINE — are not members of the EU?

8)      Analogy: Genoa (ITALY) is to the Ligurian Sea as Amsterdam (The NETHERLANDS) is to what?
A — North Sea
B — Adriatic Sea
C — Gulf of Bothnia

9)      Situated in southern SPAIN, the city of Granada is part of an autonomous region conquered by the Moors in A.D. (C.E.) 711. What autonomous region is this?
A — Catalonia
B — Andalusia
C — Galicia

10)      Based on conventional maps (Antarctica in the south), which choice correctly describes the location of Edmonton in Alberta, CANADA?
A — beside the Mackenzie river
B — north of Calgary
C — west of Jasper National Park


Question 1:
B . . . . . Missouri

Question 2:
A . . . . . Reykjavik

Question 3:
A . . . . . Sri Lanka

Question 4:
C . . . . . Thailand

Question 5:
C . . . . . Rhine

Question 6:
B . . . . . Yucatán

Question 7:
B . . . . . Poland

Question 8:
A . . . . . North Sea

Question 9:
B . . . . . Andalusia

Question 10:
B . . . . . north of Calgary

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