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Thursday, February 9, 2017

National Geographic Geo Bee Quiz — February 9, 2017

National Geographic Bee Logo

GeoFact of the Day Blog's GeoBee Quiz posts are essentially archived and therefore always available (↗), even if National Geographic removed questions from the website. Try this post's geography quiz — correctly answering at least seven out of ten questions means you are definitely a geography whiz! Many more quiz questions are found on this webpage: (↗).

1)      The sinking of the Maine battleship in 1898 — an event leading to the Spanish-American War — took place in the harbor of which city?
B — Honolulu, Hawaii, UNITED STATES
C — Havana, CUBA

2)      A relatively booming economy has given the nickname "Celtic Tiger" to which European country?

3)      The famous Williamsburg colonial town is located in which state?
A — Delaware
B — Indiana
C — Pennsylvania
D — Virginia

4)      Which term is used to describe powerful downdrafts originating in thunderstorms?
A — microbursts
B — isobars
C — anticyclones

5)      Name the river flowing from its source near Lake Baikal, then across Siberia (RUSSIA) before running to the Laptev Sea.
A — Yenisey
B — Ob
C — Lena

6)      Analogy: The Arctic Circle is to 66½° north (sixty-six and one-half degrees) as the Tropic of Cancer is to what?
A — 23½° N (twenty-three and one-half degrees NORTH)
B — 23½° S (twenty-three and one-half degrees SOUTH)
C — 2° N

7)      Which U.S. state does not have a large Hispanic population?
A — Arizona
B — Montana
C — Texas

8)      In 1979, all the Caroline Islands except PALAU ratified a constitution and became what present-day country in the South Pacific Ocean?

9)      In which city can you find street signs written in Pinyin, the phonetic spelling of the local language using the Roman alphabet?
A — Tokyo
B — Seoul
C — Beijing

10)      MYANMAR is the current official name of mainland Southeast Asia's largest country. This country was once officially known by what other name? (It's still used informally.)
A — Angkor
B — Burma
C — Irrawaddy


Question 1:
C . . . . . Havana, Cuba

Question 2:
B . . . . . Ireland

Question 3:
D . . . . . Virginia (the Williamsburgs of Delaware, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are small, unincorporated communities.)

Question 4:
A . . . . . microbursts

Question 5:
C . . . . . Lena

Question 6:
A . . . . . 23½° N (twenty-three and one-half degrees NORTH)

Question 7:
B . . . . . Montana

Question 8:
A . . . . . Federated States of Micronesia

Question 9:
C . . . . . Beijing

Question 10:
B . . . . . Burma

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