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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ukraine Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for UKRAINE in Eastern Europe lists 4 extinct species, 13 critically endangered species, and 22 endangered species. Ukraine's thirteen critically endangered species are the Andrena labiatula mining bee, Betula klokovii tree, Cobitis taurica loach fish, European Eel, European Mink, Gobio delyamurei fish, Great Sturgeon, Lepidium turczaninowii plant, Proterorhinus tataricus fish, Russian Sturgeon, Saiga antelope, Slender-Billed Curlew, and Star Sturgeon. Common Aldrovanda waterwheel plants, Edge Flowered Crested Wheatgrass, Egyptian Eagles, Goldstreifiger beetles, Huchen fish, Kerch Wheatgrass, Mongolian Wild Horses, Polish Scurvy Grass, Pseudochazara euxina butterflies, Saker Falcons, Sandy Mole Rats, Steppe Eagles, Thick-Shelled River Mussels, and White-Headed Ducks are examples of endangered organisms in Ukraine.

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