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Friday, September 23, 2016

Species Named After Panama

Thanks to its rainforests, isolated islands, and coral reefs, PANAMA is a hotspot for species biodiversity — including well over 1,000 endemic species living only in this country. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that about thirty species are named after Panama. Some Panama-named species include the False Panama Anchovy, Panama Croaker fish, Panama Cross-banded Treefrog, Panama Goby fish, Panama Graysby fish, Panama Hat Plant, Panama Humming Frog, Panama Least Gecko, Panama Silverside fish, Panama Anchovy, Panama Hake fish, Panama Kingfish, Panama Longfin Herring, Panama Sand Eel, Panama Sergeant Major damselfish, Panama Spadefish, Panama Triplefin fish, Panamanian Climbing Rat, Panamanian Dwarf Boa, Panamanian Flycatcher, Panamanian Night Monkey, Panamanian Spiny Pocket Mouse, Panamanian (Yellow-Green) Tyrannulet bird, Panamanian Worm Blenny fish, and Panamanian Jawfish.

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