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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Species Named After Mexico

Species named after Mexico include the Central Mexican Broad-clawed Shrew, Dwarf Mexican Treefrog, Grizzled Mexican Small-eared Shrew, Leather Leaf Mexican Oak tree, Little Mexican Toad, Mexican Agouti rodent, Mexican Arroyo Toad, Mexican Big-eared Bat, Mexican Black-headed Snake, Mexican Blind Snake, Mexican Blindcat catfish, Mexican Blenny fish, Mexican Cacique bird, Mexican Caecilian amphibians, Mexican Chickadee, Mexican Cottontail rabbit (so cute!), Mexican Darter fish, Mexican Deer Mouse, Mexican Dog-faced Bat, Mexican Drooping Juniper tree, Mexican Flounder, Mexican Fox Squirrel, Mexican Free-tailed Bat, Mexican Garter Snake, Mexican Golden Trout, Mexican Hermit Crab, Mexican Jay bird, Mexican Lamprey, Mexican Leaf Frog, Mexican Long-nosed Bat, Mexican Mushroomtongue Salamander, Mexican Nut Pine tree, Mexican Parrot Snake, Mexican Prairie Marmot rodent, Mexican Red-knee Tarantula, Mexican Searobin (these aquatic creatures seem to have "wings" like robins do), Mexican Water Mouse, and Mexican Yew shrub.

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