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Friday, July 29, 2016

Mongolia Endangered Species & Species Named After Mongolia

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for MONGOLIA in Central Asia lists 5 critically endangered species and 14 endangered species. There are no extinct species in Mongolia featured on the Red List. Mongolia's five critically endangered species are the Baer's Pochard, Saiga antelope, Snow Crane, Sociable Plover, and Two-humped Camel. These species are endangered in Mongolia: Asiatic Wild Dog, Eastern Curlew bird, Egyptian Eagle, Hoffmann's Pika mammal (one of the cutest animals ever, in my opinion!), Japanese White Stork, Manchurian Crane, Mongolian Wild Horse, Saker Falcon, Siberian Sturgeon, Snow Leopard (Ounce), Steppe Eagle, Tarbagan Marmot rodent, White-headed Duck, and Yellow-breasted Bunting. Discover more about this country with my comprehensive Mongolia post!

In addition to the Mongolian Wild Horse, species named after Mongolia include three species of Jerboas (Mongolian Five-toed Jerboa, Mongolian Jerboa, and Mongolian Three-toed Jerboa) and the Mongolian Finch (Mongolian Trumpeter Finch), Mongolian Gerbil (Mon. Jird), Mongolian Hamster, Mongolian Lark, Mongolian Mountain Vole and Mongolian Vole, Mongolian Pika, Mongolian Plover, Mongolian Redfin fish, and Mongolian Toad.

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