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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kosovo Endangered Species

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ for KOSOVO in Southern Europe lists only two endangered species. There are no critically endangered species or extinct species listed by the IUCN for Kosovo. Kosovo's IUCN-listed endangered species are the Ampedus quadrisignatus click beetle and Ropalopus ungaricus beetle (black to shiny greenish coloration). Featuring yellow (dominant color) and black body with black spots, the Ampedus quadrisignatus click beetle may be extinct in mainland Germany but still living on some of Germany's islands, including Fehmarn, Poel, RĂ¼gen, and Ummanz. Other European extant locations — where this species may still be living — include Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Switzerland, and southwestern Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ropalopus ungaricus beetle is likely extinct in Switzerland but still living in the other aforementioned locations and also in Italy, Slovenia, and southern Poland.


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