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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Styrene Emissions in the USA

STYRENE is a carcinogen — or cancer-causing substance — when released at dangerous levels into the air, water, and on land. It is found in styrofoam and particular plastics, although these items are generally safe as long as containers and cups are not too heated. Therefore, try avoid drinking hot chocolate, coffee, etc. from styrofoam cups or heating food on styrofoam and particular plastic containers. Manufacturers in US states with relatively lax environment laws emit the most styrene. According to, Indiana is shamefully the largest emitter of styrene with over 5,100,000 pounds of styrene released mainly into the air. Other large styrene emitters in the United States include Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Georgia, California, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, and Ohio. In too many communities, styrene is the most-released chemical — sometimes taking up 99% or 100% of total chemical emissions. Tell state representatives, styrene industry representatives/lobbyists, and manufacturers that your health matters — and corporations should explore viable alternatives of this harmful substance!

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