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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Youth Literacy in Southern Africa

The countries of Southern Africa generally experience a positive increase in their literacy rates among teenagers and young adults who are 15 to 24 years old. This category is described as "youth literacy" in this post. More work can of course be done to improve literacy in these countries. Optimistically however, more and more young people can read and write than ever before. Several countries boast amazingly high literacy rates, breaking down misconceptions about the literacy of southern African residents. The following information comes from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, and UNESCO stands for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

●   The average youth literacy rate (2015) of ANGOLA is 72.93%.

●   BOTSWANA's youth literacy rate is 97.85%. EXCELLENT!

●   LESOTHO's youth literacy rate is 85.09%. Not bad, Lesotho!

●   MADAGASCAR's youth literacy rate is 65.07%.

●   MALAWI's youth literacy rate is 75.06%.

●   MAURITIUS' youth literacy rate is 98.72%. AWESOME!

●   MOZAMBIQUE's youth literacy rate is 76.67%.

●   NAMIBIA's youth literacy rate is 89.91%. Nice!

●   SOUTH AFRICA's youth literacy rate is 99.02%. Good job, South Africans!

●   SWAZILAND's youth literacy rate is 94.77%. Amazing!

●   ZAMBIA's youth literacy rate is 65.76%.

●   ZIMBABWE's youth literacy rate is 91.73%. Very good!

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