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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

National Geographic GeoBee Quiz, January 26th, 2016

Practically every day, National Geographic posts an online GeoBee Quiz as an engaging way to learn about geography and practice one's recall of geographic knowledge. There are two possible quiz modes to choose from: Apprentice and Expert. The questions below come from the Tuesday, January 26th Expert quiz. These questions and the daily quiz are hosted on After two days, these quiz questions will likely be deleted on the National Geographic website, but they are here on the GeoFact of the Day Blog! Answers, some of which are purposefully placed beside different letters compared to the National Geographic's original quiz, are listed at the bottom of this post.

1)      One of the world's largest known natural gas reservoirs, the North Field, belongs to what country in the Middle East?
A — Qatar
B — Turkey
C — Jordan

2)      What term describes the air circulation pattern of rising air at the Equator and sinking air around 30 degrees latitude?
A — Hadley cell
B — trade winds
C — westerly

3)      Which state has a smaller capital city?
A — New York
B — South Dakota
C — Arizona

4)      Name the belt of volcanic and seismic activity bordering most of the Pacific Rim.
A — Trans-Eurasian
B — Ring of Fire
C — Circum-Pacific Belt

5)      What is the term for the fan-shaped feature composed of sand and gravel that is formed where a stream emerges from a mountain valley onto a plain?
A — till
B — channel
C — alluvial fan

6)      Which state does not have a coastline?
A — Delaware
B — New Hampshire
C — New Mexico

7)      Baffin Bay and Davis Strait separate Baffin Island, in Canada, from which other island?
A — Greenland
B — Prince Edward Island
C — Iceland

8)      The yak, a kind of long-haired ox, is used as a pack animal in the mountain regions of which continent?
A — Europe
B — Asia
C — South America

9)      Panama separates the Pacific Ocean from which body of water?
A — Gulf of Mexico
B — Indian Ocean
C — Caribbean Sea

10)      Which waterway serves as a shortcut for most ships traveling from New York to Los Angeles?
A — Suez Canal
B — Panama Canal
C — Inside Passage

1 — A, Qatar
2 — A, Hadley cell
3 — B, South Dakota
4 — B, Ring of Fire
5 — C, alluvial fan
6 — C, New Mexico
7 — A, Greenland
8 — B, Asia
9 — C, Caribbean Sea
10 — B, Panama Canal

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