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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Facebook's Icons for Posting a Traveling Status

Ever explored the "What are you doing?" textbox (after clicking the smiley face icon) when you are about to post a status on Facebook? If not, there is a "traveling to" option in which you can type in a destination. For example, there is a special Cancun page showing events, places, etc. and even friends' activities in the popular resort city. Flag and famous-site icons pop up for particular cities and countries. For instance, Traveling to Panama results in a Panamanian flag icon appearing.

Below are icons that show up for particular cities (and countries in the Africa image) when you use the "traveling to" feature. From top to bottom, the images represent cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America (the United States, then Canada and Mexico; currently no icons for Central American and Caribbean cities), and South America. Unfortunately, only three African cities - Alexandria, Cairo, and Cape Town - currently have their own special Facebook icon. I did include some country results to show that there are flag icons for some (but not all) countries. I typed many cities' names to see if icons would show up. I did it so many times that the following message appeared:

"Please slow down" Facebook warning

Yikes, Facebook gives a stern warning sometimes!

Facebook Tip: I personally would NOT recommend posting where you are traveling to soon. You probably realize this, but posting where you are going soon could leave you vulnerable to a possible burglary at home! Facebook's "traveling to" feature has nifty icons, but I don't recommend using it in your status. Instead, just be patient and post about your trip after returning home. GeoFact of the Day's Facebook page will use this feature from time to time to show the relevant locations of posts — and not to actually show where I'm going soon!

Africa Facebook travel icons

Asia Facebook travel icons

Europe Facebook travel icons

United States Facebook travel icons

Canada and Mexico Facebook city travel icons

South America Facebook city travel icons


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