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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Two Towns McDonald's Should Love

Famous for McNuggets, McFlurries, McRibs, McWraps, McCafé beverages, and other Mc- menu items from the past and present, McDonald's would love two UNITED STATES towns if the company hypothetically decided to open restaurants in those towns - simply because of their names. McVille are two communities, one each in the states of Indiana and North Dakota. West of Bloomington, McVille in the Hoosier State is found in northeastern Greene County, located in southwestern Indiana. John McHaley established the town in 1836. Meanwhile, McVille in North Dakota is located in southern Nelson County, located in the northeastern part of the state. According to Genealogy Trails (link opens in new tab or window), Canadian-born Fredrick W. McDougall settled in Nelson County in the 1880s, served as postmaster (1885-1889) in McVille, and led to the formal establishment of the town in 1906. Note: links to the full transportation maps in the captions below may take a little while to load.

Transportation map of McVille and Greene County, Indiana
McVille in Greene County, Indiana | INDOT Transportation Map
Transportation map of McVille and Greene County, North Dakota
McVille in Nelson County, North Dakota | NDDOT Transportation Map

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