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Great GeoSites

This Section Updated: April 18th, 2017 (National Geographic Photo of the Day)

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Rand McNally Online — detailed map engine alternative to Google Maps

ViaMichelin — this online map engine specializes in detailed road maps for particular countries, including France, Portugal, United Kingdom, and even Lesotho (few websites have detailed Lesotho maps). It also has an appealing satellite imagery mode.

OpenStreetMap — map engine with content that's free to use with open license

National Geographic Geo Bee Quiz — a preferred online tool for students studying for a geography bee, including the National Geographic Bee

National Geographic Photo of the Day — fascinating snapshots by professional photographers from around the world

Seterra — interactive, online geography games

Maps of Maldives Blog (one-page feed ↗) — features detailed maps of the Maldives' atolls and islands

National Geographic's MapMaker Interactive
Click Here to Access Site
MapMaker Interactive, a service from world-renowned National Geographic (specifically National Geographic Education), offers a fun way to explore our world's geography, including the colorful borders that define National Geographic's exclusive style of mapping! You can measure the distances between places, customize a map with different icons (arrows, stars, trees, etc.), lines, and shapes, choose from different choices of mapping style and download maps (the saved files would include anything you added on!). Check it out!
Link: MapMaker Interactive
The name fits its description: a website loaded with flags!
Flags of all Countries has the flags of every country and even more facts, such as the capitals and the population of all of the countries! On the sidebar, there is a little multiple choice quiz where you guess the flag of a country.

Sheppard Software
Sheppard Software Geography Games are geared towards anyone yearning to learn about capitals, rivers, and countries' locations. There are games where you drag the country to the right location, type in the first 3 letters of the capital of a country, etc.
Link: Sheppard Software Geography Games

Former Geography Websites

We are Multicolored
We are Multicolored, a now-defunct unique flag-creating site, allowed you to create your own flag using different elements from a couple of countries' flags. For instance, the flag below is a combination of the flags belonging to MICRONESIA and MYANMAR (BURMA). Together, they create the country "Myanesia." I found out this website was no longer available way back on October 8th, 2011.
Former Link:

The Geography Zone
The Geography Zone was an ideal website if you wanted to show off your geographical knowledge (Geography Challenge), to get basic facts about geography (Geography Facts), and take delight in "shopping 'til you drop" (Geography Zone's Online Store)! The Geography Challenge allowed you to test your geographical knowledge against others by scoring as high as you can; these quizzes tested you on different criteria: capitals, countries, etc. The Geography Zone's mission was to, "help spread geographical awareness and an understanding of the places and cultures across our world in an exciting and dynamic atmosphere." Dynamic it was and no longer is!
Former Link:

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