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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Zealand Exports

According to MIT's Observatory of Economic Complexity (, the following items are major exports of NEW ZEALAND: acrylic alcohol, agricultural machinery, aluminum, animal fat, animal hides, animal meal and pellets, apples and pears, bulbs and roots, casein, coal briquettes, copper, corn (maize), dairy products, dried legumes, edible preparations, electrical transformers, frozen bovine meat, frozen vegetables, goat and sheep meat, gold, headwear, iron ore, iron, jewelry, malt extract, medical instruments, medical supplies, metal mountings, onions, peptones, petroleum gas, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, pitted and tropical fruit, quicklime, recreational boats, refrigerators, salt, silver, sowing seeds, special purpose ships, sulfate chemical wood pulp, therapeutic appliances, tobacco, vehicle parts, water soluble proteins, wine and other beverages, wood, and wool. According to the International Monetary Fund (, countries and territories buying and importing most of those exports (February 2017 statistics) include China (top importer), Australia, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Germany, Algeria, Hong Kong, and Canada.

Rounded flag of New Zealand

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