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Friday, June 2, 2017

Geography Quiz — June 2nd, 2017

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GeoFact of the Day's GeoBee Quiz posts are essentially archived and therefore always available (↗), even if National Geographic removed questions from the website. Some questions may be fairly easy, especially for adults — but you never know when you'll encounter a toughie! Try this latest geography quiz; correctly answering at least seven out of ten questions means you surely are a geography whiz! Many more quiz questions are found on the National Geographic Geo Bee Quiz (↗) website.

1)      Located on the Port Jackson inlet, which major city in AUSTRALIA was threatened by fires in January 2002?
A — Canberra
B — Sydney
C — Perth

2)      The Indian mongoose was imported to a state in the UNITED STATES to help control rats in sugarcane plantations. As a negative consequence, however, the mongoose also killed countless ground-nesting birds. Which state is still dealing with bird-killing mongooses?
A — Florida
B — Hawaii
C — California

3)      Known for its cliff dwellings, Canyon de Chelly National Monument is found near the community of Chinle in which U.S. state?
A — Arizona
B — Colorado
C — Kentucky

4)      High birthrates and falling death rates would cause which demographic trend?
A — slow decrease in population
B — population stabilization
C — rapid population growth

5)      Which group of commercial timber trees can be found in the tropical rain forest?
A — oak, teak, and maple
B — mahogany, balsa, and teak
C — oak, maple, and pine

6)      An emir is the head of state in which country?

7)      Indigenous to California, which softwood has become an important source of timber in AUSTRALIA?
A — redwood
B — Monterey pine
C — giant sequoia

8)      Name the country bordered by the Mediterranean, Black, and Aegean Seas.

9)      Most gerbils sold as pets in the UNITED STATES are offspring of animals imported from a particular desert, covering much of MONGOLIA and part of CHINA. What is this desert?
A — Taklimakan
B — Kyzylkum
C — Gobi

10)      Which South American capital city is not located on the Rio de la Plata riverbanks?
A — Montevideo
B — Asunción
C — Buenos Aires


Question 1:
B . . . . . Sydney

Question 2:
B . . . . . Hawaii

Question 3:
A . . . . . Arizona

Question 4:
C . . . . . rapid population growth

Question 5:
B . . . . . mahogany, balsa, and teak

Question 6:
A . . . . . Kuwait

Question 7:
B . . . . . Monterey pine

Question 8:
D . . . . . Turkey

Question 9:
C . . . . . Gobi

Question 10:
B . . . . . Asunción

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