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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sierra Leone Quiz

Map of Sierra Leone from National Geographic MapMaker Interactive
Post #3 — Country Quizzes Week

During the week of Monday, February 27th to Sunday, March 5th, GeoFact of the Day is hosting a Country Quiz Week. Every day or every other day, there will be a new quiz on a particular country around the world. Want to see a post about a favorite country? Feel free to share your suggestion by posting a comment! See if you can answer these questions pertaining to SIERRA LEONE without the help of literary resources and the Internet. Answers are provided at the end — Good Luck!

1)      True or false: The Bastions of Fort Thornton — a community with fortifications and various buildings constructed between 1792 and 1805 — is one of Sierra Leone's two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
A — True
B — False

2)      Which of the following towns is not located on Sherbro island, by far the largest island of Sierra Leone?
A — Bachalo
B — Bonthe
C — Mattru Jong

3)      In What year did Sierra Leone's civil war — causing the deaths of over 50,000 people and displacing over 2,000,000 people from their homes — officially end?
A — 2002
B — 1999
C — 2005

4)      All of the following agricultural crops are grown and produced in Sierra Leone, but which one is considered the dominant one?
A — peanuts
B — rice
C — sweet potatoes

5)      Occurring from November to April (currently, when this post was written), Sierra Leone's dry season typically includes a hot wind blowing from the Sahara Desert. What is the name for this wind?
A — Harmattan wind
B — Sirocco wind
C — Etesian wind
D — Simoom wind

Question 1:
B . . . . . False — no sites in Sierra Leone are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Question 2:
C . . . . . Mattru Jong

Question 3:
C . . . . . 2002

Question 4:
B . . . . . rice

Question 5:
A . . . . . Harmattan wind

So, how did you do? Thanks for taking this quiz! Map image is credited to National Geographic's Mapmaker Interactive (↗)

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