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Thursday, September 22, 2016

10 Smallest Asian Countries

Have you ever wondered what are Asia's ten smallest countries? Even if you didn't, this post will answer that question! The following list is comprised of sovereign countries in Asia — these are not territories (like Hong Kong and Macau) that are possessed by larger countries. Click on the countries' names to access their respective posts.

     1. The MALDIVES — 298 sq. kilometers, 115 sq. miles

     2. SINGAPORE — 719 km², 278 mi²

     3. BAHRAIN — 770 km², 297 mi²

     4. BRUNEI — 5,765 km², 2,226 mi²

     5. CYPRUS — 9,251 km², 3,572 mi²

     6. LEBANON — 10,453 km², 4,036 mi²

     7. QATAR — 11,607 km², 4,481 mi²

     8. EAST TIMOR (Timor-Leste) — 14,954 km², 5,773 mi²

     9. KUWAIT — 17,818 km², 6,880 mi²

     10. ISRAEL — 21,643 km², 8,357 mi²

Area statistics are mostly derived from Encyclopedia Britannica, which routinely verifies and updates its information for accuracy and to reflect recent geographic changes. In fact, Singapore (as mentioned in the Singapore post) has been recently growing due to a project of building and connecting islands.

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