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Friday, June 10, 2016

Species Named After Madagascar

If you visited the GeoFact of the Day Blog yesterday (thank you so much for that!), you know about aquatic animals and birds named after the island and country MADAGASCAR. Derived from information on IUCN's Red List Discover website, the comprehensive list below lists butterflies, frogs, geckos and lizards, boas and snakes, turtles, bats and other mammals, and plants named after the splendid island known for its large proportion (around 85-95%) of endemic species.

Madagascan Emperor Swallowtail (image)
Madagascan Friar

Ambrana Madagascar Frog
Anamalozoatra Madagascar Frog
Andrangoloaka Madagascar Frog
Andringitra Madagascar Frog
Angel’s Madagascar Frog
Ankafana Madagascar Frog
Betsileo Madagascar Frog
Blommer’s Madagascar Frog
Boulenger’s Madagascar Frog
Central Madagascar Frog
Common Madagascar Frog
Common Madagascar Skink
Decary’s Madagascar Frog
Domergue’s Madagascar Frog
Dotted Madagascar Frog
Duméril’s Madagascar Frog
East Betsileo Madagascar Frog
Eastern Madagascar Frog
Eiselt’s Madagascar Frog
Elegant Madagascar Frog
Folohy Madagascar Frog
Fort Madagascar Frog
Free Madagascar Frog
Grainy Madagascar Frog
Grandidier’s Madagascar Frog
Gray Madagascar Frog
Greater Spiny Madagascar Frog
Guibe's Madagascar Frog
Horned Madagascar Frog
Isaka-Ivondro Madagascar Frog
Ivohimanita Madagascar Frog
Klemmer’s Madagascar Frog
Madagascar Bright-eyed Frog

Madagascar Bullfrog (above)
Madagascar Climbing Frog
Madagascar Digging Frog
Madagascar Giant Treefrog
Madagascar Jumping Frog
Madagascar Rain Frog
Madagascar Reed Frog
Madagascar Stump-toed Frog
Massif Madagascar Frog
Mocquard’s Madagascar Frog
Moramanga Madagascar Frog
Mountain Madagascar Frog
Pulsing Madagascar Frog
Sainte Marie Madagascar Frog
Trueb’s Madagascar Treefrog
Tsarafidy Madagascar Frog
Two-pore Madagascar Frog
Warty Madagascar Frog
Webb’s Madagascar Frog
White Madagascar Frog
White-lined Madagascar Frog
White-spotted Madagascar Frog
Witte’s Madagascar Frog

Geckos, Lizards, Snakes, and Other Reptiles
Cuvier’s Madagascar Swift lizard
Duméril’s Madagascar Swift lizard
Giant Madagascar Day Gecko
Graceful Madagascar Ground Gecko
Grandidier’s Madagascar Ground Gecko
Green Madagascar Girdled Lizard
Madagascan Plated Lizard
Madagascar Angulated Tortoise (Angonoka Tortoise; Ploughshare Tortoise)
Madagascar Boa
Madagascar Clawless Gecko
Madagascar Coastal Skink lizard
Madagascar Dwarf Gecko
Madagascar Girdled Lizard
Madagascar Ground Boa
Madagascar Night Snake
Madagascar Plated Lizard
Madagascar Sideneck Turtle
Madagascar Three-lined Snake
Madagascar Tree Boa
Malagasy Hognose Snake
Malagasy Mabuya lizard
Merrem’s Madagascar Swift lizard
Mocquard’s Madagascar Ground Gecko
Northern Madagascar Ground Gecko
O'Shaughnessy's Madagascar Skink

Large Madagascar Hedgehog
Madagascan Fruit Bat
Madagascan Shrew (Madagascan Pygmy Shrew)
Madagascar Flying Fox – large bats
Madagascar Free-tailed Bat
Madagascar Rousette – large bats
Madagascar Slit-faced Bat
Madagascar (Malagasy) White-bellied Free-tailed Bat

Madagascar Cycad
Madagascar Periwinkle
Nepenthes madagascariensis
Ophrestia madagascariensis
Platostoma madagascariense
Xanthocercis madagascariensis

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