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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Aquatic Species Named After Madagascar

This post and the next couple ones will clearly show that there are many species of fish, plants, mammals, amphibians (especially frogs), and reptiles named after MADAGASCAR, the world's fourth-largest island and a large component of the namesake country. Compiled thanks to information from the IUCN Red List Discover website, the following aquatic species are named after Madagascar:

Foa madagascariensis cardinalfish
Madagascar Freshwater Crayfish
Madagascar Guitarfish
Madagascar Meagre (endangered)
Madagascar Numbfish – type of ray which can electrically sting organisms in defense
Madagascar Pygymy Skate
Madagascar Sea Catfish
Madagascar Skate (vulnerable)
Madagascar Wrasse
Sauvagella madagascariensis
Typhleotris madagascariensis sleeper goby (endangered)
Zona; Madagascar Rainbowfish (Bedotia madagascariensis) (near-threatened)

EXTINCT: Pantanodon madagascariensis

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