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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vatican City

New Map of Vatican City, The Holy See

VATICAN CITY (Holy See) is the smallest country in the world and serves as the Catholic Pope's home. It is a microstate, a country which has a small area and small population. Vatican City's area is 0.44 sq. kilometers, and the population hovers around 800. The country is located within Rome and completely surrounded by Italy. This means that Vatican City is an enclave just like Lesotho and San Marino. This country has a fortified wall surrounding it. The capital is Vatican City, just as the capital of San Marino is San Marino, the capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg, and the capital of Monaco is Monaco. The currency is the Euro, and the previous currency was the Vatican Lira. VAL was the Vatican Lira's ISO 4217 currency code. In alphabetical order, Vatican City is the last country in Europe.

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