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Monday, February 13, 2017

National Geographic Geo Bee — February 13, 2017

National Geographic Bee Logo

GeoFact of the Day Blog's GeoBee Quiz posts are essentially archived and therefore always available (↗), even if National Geographic removed questions from the website. Try this latest geography quiz — correctly answering at least seven out of ten questions means you surely are a geography whiz! Many more quiz questions are found on this webpage: (↗).

1)      Most of Central America's chief ports are near which body of water?
A — Pacific Ocean
B — Gulf of Mexico
C — Atlantic Ocean

2)      The most populous country in the Arab world borders the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea. Name this country.

3)      In the early 20th century, an international competition selected a design for the federal capital city that replaced Melbourne in AUSTRALIA. Name this city.
A — Sydney
B — Canberra
C — Brisbane

4)      Hundreds of wooden stave churches — containing both Christian and Viking symbols — were built during the Middle Ages in a country bordering the Barents Sea. What is this country?

5)      Which city is located on the northeastern shore of San Francisco Bay?
A — San Diego
B — Oakland
C — Bakersfield

6)      Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre are the largest islands of a French overseas department in the Leeward Islands. Name this territory.
A — Guadeloupe
B — French Guiana
C — Réunion

7)      The Java Trench is the deepest point in which ocean?
A — Atlantic Ocean
B — Indian Ocean
C — Pacific Ocean

8)      What is the term for the deflection of moving phenomena (e.g. cyclones) caused by Earth's rotation?
A — Coriolis force
B — ozone
C — tornado
D — vortex

9)      Which U.S. state currently produces more gold than all the others?
A — Nebraska
B — West Virginia
C — California
D — Nevada

10)      Tigers live in the mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans, a river delta region spanning the border between southwestern BANGLADESH and northeastern INDIA. Name the body of water this delta borders.
A — South China Sea
B — Arabian Sea
C — Bay of Bengal


Question 1:
A . . . . . Pacific Ocean

Question 2:
C . . . . . Egypt

Question 3:
B . . . . . Canberra

Question 4:
B . . . . . Norway

Question 5:
B . . . . . Oakland

Question 6:
A . . . . . Guadeloupe

Question 7:
B . . . . . Indian Ocean

Question 8:
A . . . . . Coriolis force

Question 9:
D . . . . . Nevada

Question 10:
C . . . . . Bay of Bengal

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