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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Grand Isle, Vermont

Grand Isle, Vermont, United States detailed map

Nestled in the northwest corner of Vermont state (part of the UNITED STATES), Grand Isle (South Hero Island) is the largest island in Lake Champlain and is about 1 mile east of New York's Cumberland Head peninsula. Despite having a relatively small population of 4,000 (2016 estimate), Grand Isle and surrounding areas boast plenty of amenities for visitors and residents to enjoy. Communities include Adams Landing, Gordon Landing, Grand Isle (most-populated town), Keeler Bay (intersection of Vermont St. Route 314 and US 2), Pearl, and South Hero. These places are connected to farmland, forests, and general rural areas throughout the island via major routes such as SR 214, US 2, and South Street. Other roads are not shown on the map above, and the number of these routes is arguably enough to connect all parts of Grand Isle while preserving natural areas. Sites of interest below...

Pull up your lawn chairs...this may be the perfect place to watch a sunset! Photo credit:

Visitors have several pleasant choices for lodging: Apple Island Resort (south), Cozy Cottages (north), and Grand Isle Lake Resort (north; photo below). Natural, historic, and shopping attractions on Grand Isle — some of which are nearby and far away from the Lake Champlain Scenic Byway road — include Allenholm Farm, Allen Point Access Area, Arnold Zlotoff Tool Museum, Ed Weed Fishing Access Area, Grand Isle Art Works (cafĂ© and gallery), Grand Isle State Park (east; see map), Health Hero Farm, Pomykala Farm, Round Pond State Park & Natural Area (southeast), South Hero Marsh Wildlife Area (south), and Vallee's Den of Antiquity. Offering free admission, the Arnold Zlotoff Tool Museum is situated near Apple Island Resort and features over 3,000 colonial tools. Added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on March 11th, 1971, the Hyde (Pioneer) Log Cabin was built by Jedediah Hyde, Jr. in 1783 and is believed to be one of America's oldest log cabins! Generations of the Hyde family lived here for over 150 years. In addition to the vehicle-carrying ferry connecting Gordon Landing to Cumberland Head, NY, Grand Isle offers the Local Motion Bike Ferry and Island Line Trail to connect cyclists in the southern part of Grand Isle to Burlington and beyond. For the most part, Island Line Trail is basically a thin isthmus for cyclists, pedestrians, skateboarders, etc. only (no cars).

Grand Isle Lake Resort, northern part of Grand Isle in Lake Champlain (Vermont side)
Above: An interesting camera effect appears to warp the Grand Isle Lake Resort, a popular facility for weddings and lodging.

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