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Friday, September 7, 2012

Coastal Capitals of Western Africa

When looking at a map of Western Africa, you may or may not have noticed that many capitals are located on the Atlantic coast. It is ideal for these capitals to be situated along the coastline because trade with other countries is easier and their ports generate strong industries in shipbuilding, fishing, and trading. Listed below are West African countries listed with their coastal capitals. While the former capitals of CÔTE D'IVOIRE (Abidjian) and NIGERIA (Lagos) are coastal cities, their current capitals (Yamoussoukro and Abuja, respectively) are centrally situated away from the coast. This map was created from Daniel Dalet's original Africa template @ - the graphics effects are made by me. Click the map to enlarge it.
* BENIN - Porto-Novo
* CAPE VERDE - Praia
* GABON - Libreville
* GAMBIA - Banjul
* GHANA - Accra
* GUINEA - Conakry
* LIBERIA - Monrovia
* MAURITANIA - Nouakchott
* SAO TOME and PRINCIPE - Sao Tome
* SENEGAL - Dakar
* SIERRA LEONE - Freetown
* TOGO - Lomé

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